5 Mood-Boosting Scents To Fend Off Blue Monday

5 Mood-Boosting Scents To Fend Off Blue Monday
From the lack of sunshine, chilly temperatures reaching their peak to tight finances and the pressure of new year resolutions, January, unsurprisingly, gets a pretty bad rep. So much in fact that a particular Monday of the month is known to sum up those January feels – Blue Monday.

Wait, what is Blue Monday? It’s a term coined by travel company Sky Travel in 2005 to describe the saddest day of the year, which is apparently the third Monday of January. For those wondering how to beat Blue Monday, we firmly recommend spritzing a mood-boosting fragrance. Scent has the power to take our senses to faraway lands (even if it’s for an instant) and conjure up the happiest memories, so with that in mind, we’ve rounded up the most uplifting scents that serve as the ultimate mood enhancers. Enjoy.

Floral Street

Arizona Bloom Eau de Parfum, $30.00

If you’re craving warmer climates…
As uplifting scents go, Floral Street Arizona Bloom Eau De Parfum is one of our favourites as it provides instant escape from the chilly, grey January weather. Born out of a trip to the Atacama Desert in Chile, this high-spirited bouquet is an instant pick-me-up. The sunny and free-spirited feeling comes from a combination of natural and synthetic ingredients including Balinese coconut, Madagascan black pepper, oak moss and salted musks. “We wanted to create a fragrance that captured the feeling of total freedom and high-octane living,” says Floral Street founder Michelle Feeney. “Arizona Bloom is a scent that connects everyone to that feeling of wanting to run free and reconnect with nature, especially in our tech-heavy world.”


Jo Loves

Pink Vetiver A Fragrance Paintbrush Gel, $52.00

The Best On-The-Go Mood Enhancer
Vetiver, crushed pink peppercorns, cardamom and ginger form this uplifting Jo Loves perfume. The scent hints at many of Jo Malone CBE’s scent memories – from trips to Paris to her father’s crisp white shirts. It’s bold and spicy yet fresh and floral – perfect for everyday wear. Moreover, we love how this innovative gel formula (which dries in seconds) slips so easily into our bags for daily touch ups and is refillable – making it a unique design and very sustainable option.


Maison Margiela

Matcha Meditation Eau De Toilette, $128.50

If You’re After A Calming Scent
A cup of tea in the comfort of one’s home might be the answer to any January blues – but when that scenario is not always an option, this calming scent from Maison Margiela will do the trick. The name says it all – this fragrance’s top notes of green tea, bergamot and mandarin orange are intended to conjure a sense of calm inspired by matcha moments in Tokyo.



Do Son Eau de Toilette - Limited Edition, $78.00

If Big, White Floral Scents Are Your Thing…
…Do Son, one of Diptyque’s most iconic scents, was made for you. Inspired by Diptyque co-founder Yves Coueslant’s childhood memories of the Vietnamese coastal town after which it’s named, this uplifting tuberose scent is like a fresh breeze of sea waves in a dreamy faraway land. We’d go as far as saying that it is the best floral perfume for a cold, dreary January day.


Malin + Goetz

Cannabis Perfume Oil, $32.00

If You Prefer A Woody Perfume…
…You can expect the unexpected with this genderless option from Malin + Goetz – which does not smell like cannabis and can even be used as a beard oil. Opening with bright citrus and black pepper to then follow with subtle notes of cedarwood, sandalwood and patchouli, it’s a lingering scent that recreates and celebrates the mischief of cannabis in a playful, chic and nostalgic way. And given the fact that it’s a roll-on oil, you can get a real sensory experience out of it by putting it on your pulse points – you’ll feel instantly uplifted and cheered up by this woody perfume.


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Posted: Monday, 09 January 2023

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