Uplifting Scents To Boost Your Mood

Uplifting Scents To Boost Your Mood
Fragrance is renowned for its mood-boosting power and the latest launches from the likes of Byredo, Atelier Cologne and Sisley-Paris are perfectly placed to lift us out of our ‘funk’ almost instantly.


Mixed Emotions Eau de Parfum, $286.00

If You’ve Got ‘Mixed Emotions’
Few fragrances live up to their name quite like Byredo’s new scent. Depending on your mood and your body temperature, Mixed Emotions can smell very different. On some days the sweet, fruity blackcurrant can feel particularly prominent and at other times you can really smell the woody, earthy notes of birch and tea. It’s a clever, sophisticated blend that keeps you guessing.


Atelier Cologne

Lemon Island Cologne Absolue, $42.90

If You’re Longing For The Beach…
If the name alone hasn’t lifted your spirits, the exotic blend of sweet lemons, vanilla and jasmine will. With a hint of salty, aquatic freshness, this is a realistic take on a beachy scent and doesn’t feel sickly sweet or cloying. Close your eyes and you could almost be sitting on a deck chair with the sun warming your back and a cocktail in hand.


Jo Loves

Cobalt Patchouli & Cedar A Fragrance, $97.50

If You’ve Been Craving Freedom & Fresh Air…
Anyone who’s felt cooped up over the past year will appreciate the sheer freshness of this fragrance. While vetiver and grapefruit provide a clean, crispness associated with blue skies and long walks, cedarwood and patchouli offer plenty of warmth. This scent couldn’t have arrived at a better time.



Orpheon Eau de Parfum, N/A

If You’ve Missed The Hustle & Bustle Of Socialising…
Inspired by a bustling Parisian bar, Diptyque’s latest offering is a woody, floral fragrance that was made for anyone who has missed the heady vibe of a late-night bar during lockdown. The fresher notes of juniper berries and jasmine have been expertly mixed with a blend of patchouli, cedar and tonka bean. As the fragrance dries, you’re transported back to a lively bar that’s packed to the rafters.



Izia La Nuit Eau De Parfum, $145.60

If You Want To Get Dressed Up & Feel Elegant…
Sophisticated, elegant and feminine are the three words that spring to mind when you catch a whiff of Sisley-Paris’ new fragrance. Blending rose and blackcurrant with musk and vanilla, this is a grown-up fragrance that works perfectly with a slick of red lipstick and a little black dress.

Posted: Monday, 08 March 2021