Broadcaster Jo Good On Caring For Mature Skin

Broadcaster Jo Good On Caring For Mature Skin
How this presenter and YouTuber tackles signs of ageing.

Ageing might be inevitable, but when it comes to skincare, there are plenty of efficacious formulas that can really help turn back the clock. Jo Good, a beauty-obsessed BBC radio presenter and YouTuber (@MiddleAgedMinx) spent her younger years not giving her skin much thought. After interviewing industry experts and picking up some insider beauty tricks, Jo has now mastered a well-thought-out routine that suits her mature skin. Here she tells us all…

Working With My Ageing Skin

My skin is mature and very dry. Like many of my generation, I used to sunbathe without SPF so consequently, I have visible sun damage and pigmentation. I was a party girl in my youth and would often sleep in my makeup. While my face is quite lined, I like to think of it as a map of my life. In those days my routine was just a cleanser and moisturiser. Nowadays my skincare routine is far more rigorous.

Not only has my skincare knowledge increased, but there are more products on the market. My mother’s generation had no choice. Rewinding the clock might not be an option, but I can use products to help boost my glow. Acids such as vitamin C help combat my sun damage, while retinol is great for tackling fine lines. I also enjoy spending time doing my morning and evening routines and layering different products which has really benefitted my skin.

Access To The Experts

I have been fortunate enough to interview many beauty experts through my job at the BBC, which has really helped expand my knowledge. I interviewed Eve Lom when she first brought out her range and she was the most charming and intelligent women. In fact, her Eve Lom TLC Cream, $85.00 is my desert island must-have. If my skin is ever sensitive or flares up, it’s an immediate comfort blanket.

After interviewing Alex Chantecaille, I discovered so many products from the family-run brand that really suited my skin. Another favourite of mine is Paula’s Choice and I think the entire collection is ground-breaking. The brand selected me to be an ambassador for their Age My Way campaign which was such a compliment. I met Nadine Baggott on a daytime TV show and she has become a friend of mine and regularly contributes to my radio show. Nadine’s expertise is just extraordinary, and she’s taught me so much.

My Morning Routine

First up, I cleanse with Paula's Choice Resist Hydrating Cleanser, $33.80 and follow with the Chantecaille Vital Essence, $128.00 as these two together really help to keep moisture locked in and make my skin feel much plumper. I’ll often add a few drops of the Murad Vita-C Glycolic Brightening Serum, $114.40 too as this helps with pigmentation and gives my skin a much-needed brightness boost.

Another hydrating favourite of mine is the Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, $58.50 as it’s packed full of hyaluronic acid and instantly makes my skin look healthier. I broadcast for four hours a day in an air-conditioned studio which is extremely dehydrating on my skin, so hydrating formulas are essential.

SPF is a non-negotiable for me these days and my favourite is the Paula's Choice Resist Skin Restoring SPF50, $50.70, as not only does it give high factor protection and a wonderful glow, but it’s never chalky on my skin.

My Evening Routine

I don’t wear foundation or any other makeup usually, so my night-time cleanse is always a gentle balm like Chantecaille Rose De Mai Cleansing Balm, $95.00. Once I’ve rinsed this off with a damp cloth, I apply Chantecaille Bio Lifting Serum + , $305.00 which is a real luxury. I was kindly sent a sample and have been hooked ever since. It’s incredibly nourishing and puts moisture back into my skin that the day has sucked out.

I never used to use an eye cream but now I wouldn’t be without Paula's Choice Clinical Ceramide Eye Cream, $58.50 as it absorbs quickly and noticeably plumps my eyes. Last up in my night-time routine is and , which Nadine recommended to me. I couldn’t believe the change in the texture to my skin - it’s a real find.

Treatments & Tools

Prior to lockdown, I’d treat myself to a facial every couple of months with Theresa Tarmey. I have radio frequency to encourage collagen production, as well as red light LED treatments to help reduce pigmentation. Theresa is known for her ‘magic fingers’ as they are so strong and give your face a good work out.

As I haven’t been able to have these regular professional-grade treatments, I have invested in a couple of at-home gadgets such as an LED mask and a Nuface Mini Facial Toning Device, N/A tool. I saw Lisa Eldridge recommended the NuFace and I have to say I love it and have seen some great results. It’s far cheaper visiting a salon regularly too. My aim is to never have to have any invasive work done on my face, so I plan to keep using good quality products and tools instead.

Posted: Thursday, 08 April 2021

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