Amanda Harrington

Blake Lively’s tanner and founder of InParlour and the Bespoke Body Contouring Technique, Amanda Harrington, is on everyone’s speed dial when it comes to getting a sculpted, toned and tanned body for summer, but what are the essentials when it comes to her own routine? From the skincare brands she can’t live without to her bodycare ‘wardrobe’, we find out…

amanda harrington sunday sessions

The Wind Down

I tend to do yoga on Sunday nights at 5.30pm to see the weekend out in a peaceful way, and after that the evening is very quiet and calm. I catch up with the papers and read the multiple books I have on the go. Generally I feel fairly relaxed after yoga,  so I take a walk at sunset with the dogs by the river and then it’s a bath. My obsession is skin so I tend to be very on top of my facial skincare routine on a daily basis; Sunday evenings have more of a body focus to them. I like to let the skin do the talking; although my profession is applying skin glows, tans and make-up to the face and body, none of it will perform or sit properly without a good canvas so preparation and maintenance is key. If I have masks on then I will be multi-tasking, but generally I am in the bathroom or bedroom. I always have a Diptyque Roses on the go downstairs and a This Works Deep Sleep Heavenly candle by my bedside, and Sundays never deviate from Radio 2, it’s on all day long be it at home or in the car! Due to my work life being incredibly varied and always being in different locations, I plan out everything! Dog care, my calendar, exercise classes, to-do lists, meetings, dinner – everything.

amanda harrington sunday sessions

The Routine

My go-to brands are Radical, Dr. Barbara Sturm, Rodial and Cult 51. Having tried most ranges, I know what sits best on my skin and what I feel my skin can ‘breathe’ in. If I do experiment and it’s not right my skin will tell me! The key is to keep it clean, congestion free and hydrated using a blend of serums and lightweight gels. Heavy creams do not sit well on my skin as I have small pores. I do double layers of varying serums instead. My skin type used to be combination but with regular peels, results-driven skincare and microneedling it’s regulised itself. On a Sunday I will double cleanse – once with the Cleanser from Dr. Barbara Sturm, followed by a gentle cleanse with the Aurelia Miracle Cleanser. I follow that with the Rodial StemCell Magic Gel, it’s great for everyday use, post workout and under makeup – it’s a fantastic all rounder. I’ll add a Pink Diamond Lifting Face Mask if my skin needs an extra boost of hydration. I love Dr. Barbara Sturm serums, and the latest addition to my routine is her Sun Drops SPF50 for the summer, which I’ll put on every morning on hands, neck, face – oh, and my dogs nose too! I am very on it with my skin so I never skip steps; my job requires me to be very close and personal with clients and so my skin and face needs to be a fairly good representation of my passion!

I’m very much a bath person and I do a full body scrub with Oribe Cote d’Azur Body Scrub in the bath followed by Radical Firming Body Multi-Repair body moisturiser, which works wonders on the overall tone of my skin. I love Aesop and their A Rose By Any Other Name Body Cleanser. A very good scented body cream is a must on a Sunday, and I love Aesop. During the week it’ll be a lightweight body oil as I am normally dressed head to toe in LuluLemon, which is easy to work in and workout in! Because the skin is under a tighter synthetic you need to keep the skin supple with an oil. I also like to use an illuminating body cream for work dinners and meetings to add a ‘lift’ to the skin. I don’t pay particular attention to my hair but I do like Bumble and bumble Thickening Shampoo. I probably wash it more than I would like to because I exercise quite a lot. My hair is pretty easy when it comes to styling – I add some oil to the ends, use a vent brush and then blast dry it. Then I pop rollers on the crown for 10 minutes whilst multi-tasking and then it seems to fall with a bit of volume.

amanda harrington sunday sessions


I am a big fan of oils at bedtime and there is always a blend of clove, lavender and eucalyptus in my vapouriser; anything that clears the air and adds clarity is what I will blend myself. Before lights out I like to mist my face, add a drop or two of De Mamiel Altitude Oil on my forehead and then Aurelia Probiotic Repair & Brighten Hand Cream on my hands and feet. I like to be in bed by 10 – 10.30pm, and I have books, always books by my bed. I am more of a radio and books girl; I don’t watch much TV. I drink Sleep tea by Pukka and lots of water, and I read an Eileen Caddy daily mediation which is such a lovely way to end the day. I take high potency magnesium powder, kefir and rhodiola rosea before sleep, and then I drink lemon oil in hot water. I need 8 hours as I am up early but how much I actually get depends how stressed I am. It’s varied!

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Monday Morning

I am pretty lucky and wake up naturally at 6am every morning. I get up straight away, snoozing isn’t in my remit. As soon as I’m up I drink kefir, some lemon water and then have a large cup of coffee. Then I feed the dogs.