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We all know that wearing SPF every day is essential, but it can be hard to find the best sunscreen for our skin type, tone and concerns. If this is you, we’ve got some good news. Supergoop! is launching at Space NK and the Texas-based brand is on a mission to make it easy for everyone to incorporate suncare into their routines with feel-good formulas.

Holly Thaggard founded Supergoop! after one of her friends was diagnosed with skin cancer, which made her realise the importance of wearing sunscreen every day. Rather than offering one sunscreen to all skin types and tones, Holly decided to create feel-good SPF formulas that are easy to wear and make applying (and reapplying) sunscreen effortless.

Why we love Supergoop! Sunscreens

Aside from the heart-warming story behind the brand, we genuinely love the range of textures and finishes Supergoop! sunscreens offer. Sensitive skin types have the choice of several mineral SPFs, while those who find sunscreen exacerbates oiliness can choose between powder and cream formulas. The brand really has considered every skin type and preference.

Our SEO Content Co-ordinator, Hanitra road tested all of the formulas for this story and fell in love with the simplicity of Play and how seamlessly it blended in. Which Supergoop! sunscreen should you invest in? We’ve tried them all out to help you choose which one would suit your skin best.

The Best Supergoop! Sunscreens to Wear for Summer 2023



PLAY Everyday Lotion SPF 50, 20,00 £

Best Sunscreen for Everyday Use
If you’re packing for a holiday and only want to take one sunscreen, this is it. Supergoop! Play Everyday Lotion has a light yet hydrating texture that melts into skin and can be used on your face and body. The cream formula is water- and sweat-proof, AKA it’s the perfect for your summer holiday adventures. If you tend to be lazy with your summer skincare and want a fuss-free, easy to apply sunscreen, we recommend choosing this Supergoop! formula.



Écran lumineux SPF 30, 17,00 £

Best Sunscreen For A Glowy Finish
Give your skin an instant glow and protect from UVA and UVB rays with Glowscreen SPF 30, the ultimate skincare multitasker. You’ve probably seen this Supergoop! sunscreen on your social media feed, and we can confirm it’s just as good as they say. The texture is slightly tinted at first, but blends in seamlessly, leaving your skin with natural-looking sheen. Not only does it offer SPF protection, but it also gives the best glow that sits well under makeup. It’s like using an illuminating primer that fully protects your skin from the sun.



Crème solaire invisible SPF 30, 17,00 £

Best Invisible Sunscreen
Some sunscreens can have a strong smell or an off-putting texture that feels heavy on your skin; in keeping with its name, Unseen Sunscreen looks and feels invisible. The SPF gel is completely clear, so there’s no risk of having any residue in your brows or hair line. When applied, it feels light and has a mattifying effect on your skin. We like that it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing SPF, but more like you applied a primer. It’s so lightweight, it truly feels like you’re not wearing anything and yet provides a shield to protect against harmful UV rays.



Écran minéral mat FPS 30, 34,00 £

Best Mattifying Mineral Sunscreen
This 100% mineral sunscreen is a game-changer for anyone with oily skin who is looking for a good physical sunscreen that won’t leave them look shiny. The lightweight, beige cream blends into all skin tones without leaving any tint or white cast. In seconds your skin looks completely matte and feels velvety-soft. If you’re looking for a mineral sunscreen with a dewy finish, try Supergoop! Écran minéral mat FPS 30, 34,00 £.



(Re)setting 100% poudre minérale SPF, 29,00 £

Best Mattifying SPF Powder
Reapply your SPF 30 and get rid of shine with this 2-in-1 mineral mattifying powder. If you don’t reapply SPF throughout the day because you don’t want to ruin your makeup, (Re)Setting is worth adding to your stash. The translucent powder works on all skin tones, bats off UV rays and minimises excess shine. Plus, we appreciate the practical packaging that comes complete with a brush – Supergoop! really has thought of everything with this formula.



Lotion aqueuse EverySingleFace, 29,00 £

Best Supergoop! Sunscreen for Dry Screen
With a lighter than lightweight consistency, Every Single Face blends into the skin so seamlessly, hydrates the skin and leaves a healthy and dewy finish. The formula feels like water and protects from everyday UVA and UVB rays, as well as blue light. If you're looking for a lightweight sunscreen that doesn't feel like you're wearing anything, this is the one.


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