Quick And Easy Bronzing Tips

Quick And Easy Bronzing Tips
Bronzer is the perfect addition to your makeup bag as we move in to warmer months. Even more so this year now that we're out and about, making up for the past two years spent in and out of lockdown. “Bronzer is great for giving a sun-kissed glow if you apply it where the sun would naturally hit,” says Rachel Hardie, senior artist at NARS. If this is something you’ve always struggled with, read on to discover the best bronzers and how to use them in just minutes to warm up any sun-deprived complexions…

Try The ‘3 Technique’

One of the best hacks when it comes to bronzer is to use the ‘3 technique’ rather than just focusing on your cheekbones. “To do this, apply the bronzer in the shape of a 3 which starts at the hairline, sweeps through your temples and along your cheeks and then from your cheekbones along the jawline,” says makeup artist Arif Khan. Doing this means you’re bronzed in the areas where the sun would naturally hit your face most.

For a natural glow and too avoid looking too sparkly, opt for a subtle shimmer or matte finish. “The uses the original, much-loved formula but with slight golden undertones and subtle shimmers,” says Rachel. Not fancying the shimmer? There’s also a matte version or try Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in Shade 1, $53.00.

Enhance Your Eyes & Lips

Don’t think of your bronzer as just for warming your complexion, it’s a great multitasker. “Applying a dusting of bronzer to your eyes helps to give an overall golden bronze,” explains Rachel. Arif suggests sweeping your formula into the creases to naturally define your eyes. “The warmer tones of brown in a bronzer means it creates natural definition,” he adds. Try applying with the Space NK Brush 301 - Concealer and Eyeshadow, $20.00.

Bronzer can also give the illusion of fuller lips. “Take a small amount of bronzer underneath the middle third of your bottom lip,” suggests Arif. “This will enhance the natural shadow that we all have and trick the eye into thinking you have fuller lips.”

Don't Forget To Dust Your Neck

Whatever you do, don’t forget your neck. This is key to any bronzer application if you’re wanting for it to look natural. “Our neck doesn’t tan very well as it doesn’t catch much sun so be sure to warm up the neck with the same bronzer,” Arif says. You really don’t want that dodgy looking makeup line along your jaw.

Insider Tip: Try A Liquid Bronzer

Not tried a liquid bronzer before? They are a great alternative for those looking to get a sun-kissed look but with a dewy and radiant glow. Arif suggests mixing them in with your usual moisturiser or foundation for a subtle glow across your skin. “I love to mix mine with an SPF to give myself a custom-tinted SPF… no more ashy sun protection,” says Arif.

Posted: Monday, 09 May 2022

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