We Put Augustinus Bader's Haircare Range To The Test

We Put Augustinus Bader's Haircare Range To The Test
The man behind the cult face cream has turned his attention to our haircare routine and as far as we’re concerned, if Professor Augustinus Bader can do to our hair what he’s done to our skin, sign us up. Powered by the brand’s signature TFC8, the five piece haircare line promises to increase shine and strength, reducing breakage, in a matter of weeks. The price point is lower, but Augustinus Bader haircare is still very much a luxury range.

Augustinus Bader

The Shampoo, $54.00

What They Say: This is more than just a shampoo. It cleanses your hair and scalp, while hydrating and strengthening each and every strand. According to a small user trial, 96% of people said their hair felt healthier after using this formula.
What We Say: It took a couple of washes to get used to the fragrance-free formulas – all the products are sans scent – but the shampoo does a thorough job as cleansing your hair from root to tip without leaving it feeling squeaky clean. Despite being fragrance-free, we didn’t find we had to clean our hair more often either.


Augustinus Bader

The Conditioner, $60.00

What They Say: Picking up where the shampoo left off, Augustinus Bader The Conditioner helps to soften, smoother and strengthen your hair. It can be left on longer as a hair and scalp mask for a more intense treatment.
What We Say: This conditioner has the dreamiest texture. It’s lightweight yet hydrating, its creamy rather than gloopy. If those with the finest hair won’t find this formula heavy and thicker hair types shouldn’t be fooled by the featherlight texture, it packs a hydrating punch.


Augustinus Bader

The Leave-In Hair Treatment, $30.00

What They Say: Smooth out frizz, boost shine and reduce breakage with this hydrating serum. 93% of users found this leave-in hair treatment tamed frizz, while 97% agreed their hair was easier to style.
What We Say: The texture is a cross between a serum and a gel, but its not sticky and it doesn’t feel like there’s product in your hair. Again, it does take a couple of goes to get used to the fragrance-free element if you haven’t experienced it before, but we guarantee that you’ll find your hair is easier and takes less time to blow-dry.


Augustinus Bader

The Hair Oil, $54.00

What They Say: Augustinus Bader The Hair Oil offers a concentrated dose of nutrition to help repair, rebuild and protect hair.
What We Say: If you have thick hair or find that frizz is your biggest concern, this hair oil will be a game-changer. A little goes a long way, but it doesn’t leave your hair feeling heavy or greasy. Instead, it feels smooth and healthy. We’d go as far as to say that in terms of shine, this product had the biggest and quickest impact.


Augustinus Bader

The Scalp Treatment, $86.00

What They Say: The Scalp Treatment is a clever serum that helps to rebalance your scalp to maximise the potential for strong, healthy hair growth. 94% of the user trial found scalp dryness was reduced after using it.
What We Say: It seems like every brand has a scalp treatment, but few are as convenient as this one. We’ve been massaging in two-to-three drops twice a week and haven’t found our hair gets greasy any quicker. While we can’t attest to noticing thicker, stronger hair just yet, our scalp definitely feels more hydrated and less itchy despite having cranked up the central heating.


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Posted: Monday, 15 November 2021

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