We Put Drunk Elephant's Bouncy Brightfacial™ To The Test

We Put Drunk Elephant's Bouncy Brightfacial™ To The Test
The success of both T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial and F-Balm Electrolyte Waterfacial Hydrating Mask has set the bar very high for any other mask that Drunk Elephant launches.

If the early reviews are true though, Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial has nailed it. In fact, the new mask might have just raised the bar a fraction higher. I tried and tested the new clarifying and brightening face mask for two weeks and here’s my honest review.

Top Line On Drunk Elephant's Bouncy Brightfacial™ Mask

With a potent cocktail of 10% azelaic acid, 1% salicylic acid and niacinamide, Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial™, $80.60 promises to ease redness and acne-scarring, while the triple antioxidant complex helps to fade dark spots and brighten your complexion. The lightweight mask can be used as part of your morning or evening routine, but don’t forget to apply your SPF during your day.

Everything You Need To Know About Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial™

When I first saw the punchy orange packaging and read the name ‘Bouncy Brightfacial’ I automatically assumed this was a vitamin C mask and I was momentarily concerned that the newest offering would never be able to compete with the all-time favourite C-Firma Fresh Day Serum.

It turns out I needn’t have worried as this Drunk Elephant face mask championed two unsung skincare ingredients, azelaic acid and salicylic acid, instead. The focus might be on boosting radiance, but this mask does it by loosening blocked pores, easing dark spots and acne-scarring, and providing skin with a brightening and protecting triple antioxidant complex.

My initial thoughts on Bouncy Brightfacial were about how lightweight it felt. I used it as part of my evening routine, after cleansing and before my face cream. The mask absorbed quickly and didn’t leave a trace on my skin. Two pumps is plenty to cover your face and neck area with some to spare for the back of your hands.

Over the two week period I used Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial™ mask six times, splitting it equally between my day and evening routines. I have dry to combination skin and a couple of times I didn’t use my moisturiser after. I didn’t notice a dramatic difference and my skin didn’t flake, but it did look better overall with moisturiser.

Drunk Elephant recommends mixing this mask with the C-Firma Fresh Day Serum, I opted for Drunk Elephant Lala Retro Whipped Cream, $75.40 purely because I’ve just finished a very potent retinol serum and I don’t like to use lots of active ingredients at once. In the warmer months, I’d probably layer with Drunk Elephant B-Hydra Intensive Hydration Serum, $58.50 and SPF during the day.

Space NK’s Verdict On Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial™

I’m a big fan of Drunk Elephant’s T.L.C. Sukari Babyfacial because it delivers instant results and leaves my skin feeling super smooth. After using Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial™, $80.60 for every other night on average for two weeks, I definitely noticed my skin looked smoother and had a natural glow. I didn’t use the face mask for long enough to note any change in the dark spots on the side of my face, but it did fend off the usual hormonal breakout on my chin.

Will I keep using Drunk Elephant Bouncy Brightfacial™? Definitely, but only every other day and it will sit as part of my evening routine as I’m happy with my speedy four-step morning regimen at the moment.

More importantly though, should you buy Drunk Elephant's Bouncy Brightfacial™? If mild breakouts, congestion and dullness are concerns, then absolutely invest in this face mask. It's gentle enough to ease blocked pores and smooth out bumps without resulting in dryness. Within a week you'll notice your complexion looks clearer and brighter, so much so, I have no doubt that with long-term use the formula will help with dark spots too.

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While Drunk Elephant is famous for its skincare, the brand also has some pretty impressive body and haircare, including the Drunk Elephant Silkamino™ Smoothing Shampoo, $33.80 and Drunk Elephant T.L.C. Glycolic Body Lotion, $39.00. Not forgetting the bestselling and regularly out of stock D-Bronzi Drops (sign-up to be notified to avoid disappointment).

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Posted: Monday, 13 February 2023

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