Jeremy Langmead On Why Male Vanity Isn’t A Bad Thing

Jeremy Langmead On Why Male Vanity Isn’t A Bad Thing
As well as his best advice for looking your best…

Jeremy Langmead, Men’s Style Editor at The Times Magazine, Grooming Editor at Times LUXX and part of Mr Porter’s Style Council, places beauty in high regard and isn’t ashamed to admit it. In fact, he’s just released a book all about it. He tells us all about how he streamlines his own routine and why men shouldn’t view taking care of themselves as a bad thing…

A Personal Interest In Beauty

The science and philosophy behind beauty and skincare is fascinating and the multiple benefits of looking and feeling good are underestimated. Like any other organ in our body, our skin needs maintenance on a regular basis. Personally, I like to take care of myself and look my best. I always use high sun protection and (annoyingly) avoid the sun. Twice a day, I cleanse my skin and feed it with hydrating serums and nourishing masks. It doesn’t take long, and you soon learn which products work best for your skin. is great at instantly making my skin look brighter and I swear by Sisley-Paris night creams to repair my skin. In the mornings, I spoon into my moisturiser for a fresh yet shine-free finish. Another saviour is which helps tackle the crepey skin around my eyes and reduce fine lines.

Male Beauty Isn’t Something To Be Shy Of

Men don’t often share their beauty routines or secrets with each other or like admitting to using too many products. They certainly don’t reveal to having had any tweakments such as Botox. It was this that sparked my idea for the book I’ve just written as I found there was a lack of helpful tips available to help men look their best. My book, Vain Glorious: A shameless guide for men who want to look their best, tells it how it is in honest, frank and hopefully, humorous fashion. It answers the questions men don’t ask each other and also weaves in a narrative of my own journey through the shallows of male vanity. Let’s hope it informs and entertains.

Sharing My Own Routine

Much like my skincare, I’ve edited down other areas of my grooming routine and have found the products that work best for me. I keep my hair fairly short and tousled so that minimum effort is required. Recently I’ve swapped shampoo bottles for bars as they’re far more eco-friendly and I style my hair with for added texture and shape. For a messier, natural look, I’ll occasionally use a dash of .

My beard is also short and low maintenance - I give it a trim every three days. As you get older, your eyebrows become a bit of a pain. I trim these too - never pluck. is my go-to for keeping them in shape and adding natural definition. It’s undeniably one of my favourite grooming products.

Gifting Grooming Products Never Fails

It seems there is now a new generation growing up (mostly found on TikTok and YouTube) who have no such qualms about being honest in their quest for looking good. Middle-aged men still regard vanity with suspicion and are highly sceptical about the new wave of non-invasive treatments available. It’s odd because they will take a tablet for a headache or upset stomach but view a treatment for their skin as unnecessary. Seeing as many men are so reluctant to delve into self-care, beauty and grooming products can make for great gifts. My best advice? Always choose a tight edit of products that are simple and obvious. Men nearly always use gifts (albeit on the quiet) if they easily can understand what they’ll achieve from them.

Posted: Wednesday, 02 June 2021

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