Lisa Snowdon

We caught up with This Morning presenter and beauty blogger Lisa Snowdon to find out how she likes to unwind on a Sunday. She talks us through her tried-and-tested beauty routine, from the moment she sinks into the bath right through to lights out.



The Wind Down

I start to wind down at around 5pm on a Sunday but it depends on what time we have our Sunday roast. I always have a bath and light lots of candles, there’s always a Diptyque Baies on the go. I have candles burning all the time in the house anyway. Having delicious aromas around is so important to me, I find aromatherapy so powerful for my wellbeing. So I’ll light candles and often we’ll have a fire going too, so the house will be nice and comfy and snuggly. On a Sunday I am a bit more indulgent. The first thing I do is have my bath, I love Aromatherapy Associates Open Space Bath & Shower Oil, I put that all over me, on my chest and inside the crook of my arms so that it absorbs more, I just feel like I get more benefit! Then I use the Ameliorate Body Exfoliant and work it like a paste all over my arms while the bath is running. I suffer with Keratosis Pilaris on my arms, and I’ve become a real fan of the range. Then I pop my hair up and get everything ready that I want to use after the bath.


The Routine

I don’t wear much makeup at the weekend. I try to keep my skin clean, so no base, foundation or concealer, but I might wear a bit of mascara and lip balm. Before I get in the bath I’ll give my skin a quick cleanse with Aurelia Probitoic Skincare Miracle Cleanser.  I pour  Mauli Himalayan Healing Salts into the bath water, I love the way they mix with the essential oils on my body. Next, I’ll gently exfoliate with Aurelia Refine & Polish Miracle Balm – I rub it into my T-zone, and around my nose and chin and it just gets rid of any dead skin cells and leaves my complexion glowing. Meanwhile, I like to prop up my computer in the bathroom so I can watch Ted Talks while I bathe. I mainly look for self-esteem or confidence boosting ones, but I always end up getting side-tracked by the newest ones. I love anything to do with how the brain works, and I love listening to all the phenomenal speakers. I find it very relaxing. Once I’ve bathed, I’ll always double mask, this is my chance to boost my hydration and re-set my skin for the week ahead. First I’ll use a slightly deeper exfoliating mask, I alternate between Dr Sebagh Deep Exfoliating Mask and Ren Glycol Lactic Radiance Renewal Mask. Both are gentle and I’ll leave them on for about 10–15 minutes. The main thing I’m looking to achieve is well hydrated, plumped-up skin that glows. While this mask is on, I’ll potter about the bedroom getting things ready for the week ahead, maybe checking my emails. I like to know what I’m doing, so this is all part of the process on a Sunday. I can’t just go to bed without knowing what’s happening. Once I’m organised, I’ll rinse off the first mask, slather my body in By Terry’s luxurious Baume de Rose Body Cream, slip into my pajamas and head downstairs to join my fiancé George on the sofa. We’ll settle down to watch Sunday night TV together. We’re into McMafia at the moment, so while that’s on I’ll start mixing up the Dr Dennis Gross Hyaluronic Marine Hydrating Modeling Mask. It’s a blue mask that feels instantly cooling on the skin and I love the thrill of it setting and then peeling it away to reveal dewy, plumped-up skin. I’ll follow the second mask with Votary Facial Oil and if my Mini NuFace Toning Device is to hand, which it usually is because I keep it in a box with my nail polishes under the sofa, i’ll massage and lift the skin on my face with it. It will be bleeping away while the TV is on.



On a Sunday, I like to get into bed around 10pm. I try to stay off my phone for at least 30-minutes before I go to sleep and instead read my book. At about 11pm, I’ll spritz my pillow and bed linen with This Works Deep Sleep Spray – I’m obsessed with smells and find all kinds of essential oils relaxing, particularly lavender. I might dab my pulse points with Aromatherapy Associates Deep Relax Roller Ball as well.  If I’m having trouble drifting off, I find listening to Deepak Chopra helps me focus and chill out. He has a hold over me that really seems to work. That and a silk eye mask. I like the idea of getting eight hours’ sleep, although I don’t think I need that much.


Monday Morning

George is always up early and I’m used to it from my Capital Radio days. We set an alarm for 6am, although we’re usually already stirring by that point, but we’ll wake to Radio 4 in the background and it’s a nice start to the day listening to the headlines. I always feel refreshed and raring to go on a Monday morning, especially after a chilled weekend of cooking and relaxing and indulging with lovely beauty session.