Monica Vinader

Monica Vinader set up her jewellery business ten years ago and initially, worked from her home in Norfolk with her sister Gaby. Spotting a gap in the market for originally designed, high quality, and responsibly made jewellery that was affordable too – somewhere between fashion and fine jewellery – Monica and her sister set about creating jewellery that would empower women to buy pieces for themselves. Today, Monica still lives in Norfolk and now has boutiques in many countries across the world. We spoke to her to find out how she finds time for herself, whilst managing a successful business and a busy family life too.

Monica Vinader

The Wind Down

I start winding down at…around 7.00pm. I don’t really cook on a Sunday evening as we tend to have a big family Sunday lunches where my husband and I take it in turns to cook. When it comes to the evening my ideal supper tends to be something light and healthy such as avocado on toast.

The key to me being really relaxed is…coming back from a bracing walk on Brancaster beach (I live in North Norfolk) with my family and the dogs, sitting by the fire, checking my diary for the coming week and getting everything ready for work the next day. Spending time by the sea is very special. The big open skies are an important balance for me and part of my wellbeing routine and many items on my walks have inspired the designs for my jewellery. I have also lived in some incredibly wild, unspoilt places, including deepest Patagonia, and the Biosphere of Sian Kaan, so my relationship with nature is important. This impacts the beauty product choices I make, and I try to choose organic, clean beauty, cruelty-free, with less packaging and waste. I like to see what is in a product, where the ingredients come from and how it is made.

Monica Vinader

The Routine

My Sunday beauty regime starts with… a salt scrub. I genuinely think salt is a miracle cure. You can feel the impact on your body straight away as it relieves any tension held there from long walks or the general rush of the week before. Soaking in a bath with magnesium salts such as Ren Magnesium Booster Bath Salts is my go-to for relaxation

I love a super long bath…and on Sunday’s I get to really take time over it. Running the bath, lighting candles and then resting back is a real indulgence. I love the scents of Aromatherapy Associates Bath and Shower Oils – they really are my biggest luxury. I never use bubble baths as they really dry out my skin – I always stick to essential oils.

My essential bath products are…I tend to veer towards oils, salts and scrubs. What I select depends on my mood. For a meltaway floral scented scrub, Ren Morrocan Rose Otto Sugar Body Polish is my go-to. I love Aromatherapy Associates De-Stress Muscle Bath and Shower Oil and will always add a few capfuls to a hot bath when I need to unwind. Susanne Kaufmann Oil Bath For The Senses is beautiful too; it’s this amazing, soothing blend of lavender, patchouli and ylang-ylang oils.

Monica Vinader


Post-bath I’ll immediately… apply some body oils like Votary Hydrating Body Oil. I find they soak well into my skin leaving it smooth and hydrated. My skin is usually a little dry so I am quite obsessed with body oils and moisturisation. I never wash with normal soap as I find it dries my skin too much.

I like to be in bed by…9.00pm but it mostly ends up being around 10.00pm. I love to read before bed or watch a good movie. I make sure my phone is switched to silent and I have a full jug of water by my bed and some herbal tea and lip balm. My favourite at the moment is Kora Organics Noni Lip Treatment.

Before I turn out the light… I’ll always apply a hand moisturiser – soft, smooth hands are key when working in jewellery – Aesop Resurrection Hand Balm works wonders. I use a pillow spray for a good night’s sleep such as Cowshed Sleep Body and Pillow Mist or This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray to ensure an uninterrupted sleep and I’ll put on a Slip Silk Sleep Mask for that extra reassurance of a good Sunday night’s rest.

My Monday morning starts early; dogs to exercise, family to get ready, a yoga session when I can fit it in and preparation for the day ahead. I tend to skip breakfast, but I have a cup of coffee and a mid-morning snack (or a very, very early lunch in the office).

monica vinader