U Beauty’s Tina Craig On Her Confidence Boosters

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Photography: Emma Palmer

When we talk about confidence and self-acceptance, beauty is often regarded as a shallow afterthought. Tina Craig disagrees. So much so, the confidence-boosting power of skincare is an integral part of U Beauty’s approach. 

Bucking the usual trend for offering customers a full skincare routine, U Beauty has just two products. They are two game-changing formulas though. While the iconic Resurfacing Compound smoothes, softens and boosts radiance, the Super Smart Hydrator plumps and hydrates. Both with the aim of improving the quality of your skin and bolstering your self-confidence. 

U Beauty’s main goal is to give you your best skin yet with minimal effort on your part. We caught up with Tina to discover why the link between confidence and skincare is so important to her and what her mood-boosting tricks are…


Skincare Has A Feel-Good Factor

I was always taught that beauty and skincare are representations of self-love and self-acceptance. Having good skin materialised as self-confidence, and I believe more than ever in that direct connection. A good skincare routine is integral to putting your best face forward, literally. If your skin is clear and glowing, you’ll feel good. If you feel good, you’ll feel confident.

Don’t Overcomplicate Your Routine

I’m all about keeping it simple and now that my skin is better than ever I don’t use much makeup. Just a dab of concealer (there’s not much else to do with pesky dark circles), lipstick and Chantecaille Cheek Gelee

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Find Your Mood-Booster

Mine is a great set of lash extensions. I’m addicted and there’s no going back. If I want to amp up my lashes, I use Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes Volume 2 Mascara on top. I’m never without at least two coats for personal appearances and photo shoots. In terms of other beauty mood-boosters, a good blowout never hurts either. I make mine last for longer with a helping hand from Virtue’s Healing Oil.

Don’t Forget To Take A Step Back

If I’m feeling stressed or starting to doubt my decision, I’ll take 10 minutes to step away and pop open one of my meditation apps. Usually it’s Calm or Headspace, which puts things in perspective and brings me back into focus.