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Aftersun is often an after-thought (no pun intended). It’s a beauty product that you pick up quickly at the airport or forgo completely. After all, is there really any difference between your body cream and an aftersun lotion? We want to stress the importance of aftersun and we’d go as far as to say that we’re as passionate about it as we are our SPF. While you might not need to gravitate towards aftersun in the depths of winter, it’s an absolute summer skin essential on days when it’s easy to have too much fun in the sun and you end up with a dreaded sunburn…

What Does Aftersun Do?

Aftersun is a supercharged treatment to slather on after a day spent in the sun and it has two main missions. The first is to soothe sun-kissed skin, while second is prolong one’s tan. Even though the best aftersun lotion can’t reverse sun damage, it will provide a soothing effect, help with flare-ups of prickly heat and rehydrate your skin. To make packing for your next holiday easier and to make your summer glow last longer, we’ve rounded up a few of our favourite aftersuns.

6 Of The Best Aftersuns For 2023



Lotion après-soleil Golden Tan Maximiser, 9,00 £

Best Aftersun For Tan Prolonging
Lancaster is one of our favourite suncare brands, offering SPFs for every skin type and occasion – and we just had to give its aftersun range a shoutout. We particularly love the velvety texture of the Golden Tan Maximiser After Sun Lotion, which feels incredibly hydrating and can be used on both the face and body. It’s made with over 80% natural ingredients and feels like a dream after a day in the sun thanks to its instantly calming effect. The best bit? This aftersun helps prolong your sun-kissed glow for up to four weeks.



Radical Recovery Lotion après-soleil biologique Eco-Cert, 35,00 £

Best Soothing Aftersun
We’ve all been there – we didn’t quite hit the mark with our SPF application and let sun exposure take its toll on our poor bodies. But Coola has come to the rescue with its Radical Recovery Eco-Cert Organic After Sun Lotion, powered by the healer of all healers, aloe vera (as well as plenty of other skin-nourishing botanicals). While its rich texture means it takes longer for it to be fully absorbed, this is a great option for skin that needs a little extra TLC.


Institut Esthederm

Lotion pour le corps prolongeant le bronzage, 9,00 £

Best Aftersun Lotion
Another tan-maximising hero, this aftersun lotion from Institut Esthederm also doubles as a soother on sunburned skin. It’s light in texture and serious in results, as it keeps you looking golden long after your holiday and helps to increase your tolerance to further exposure. This is the best aftersun lotion if you’re looking for a lightweight option.


Natura Bissé

Lotion d'été aux vitamines C+C, 62,00 £

Best Aftersun With Vitamin C
Can’t get enough of vitamin C? Then Natura Bissé’s innovative, hardworking C+C Vitamin Summer Lotion is for you. Merging the powerhouse ingredient with vitamin E and aloe vera, this lotion hydrates, soothes, comforts and enhances your tan – all while providing long-term benefits and being fast-absorbing.



Après le soleil, 19,00 £

Best Aftersun For Sensitive Skin
Kind to our skin and our wallets, Ultrasun’s ultra-cooling gel lotion has been specifically formulated for sensitive skin beauties. It’s free from oils and emulsifiers and delivers a serious dose of hydration – restoring your skin’s moisture levels to an optimum state for up to 24 hours and helping its natural recovery and repair process. And yes, it makes your tan last longer too – an all-round winner.


Hello Sunday

La récupération : masque de beauté, 19,00 £

Best Aftersun Face Mask
This skincare-meets-suncare face mask should definitely be on your beauty radar if it isn’t already. It’s not only incredibly soothing on days when your complexion is more flared-up than sun-kissed, but can also be used as you please to achieve a dewy, glowing complexion. Plus, its dose of pro vitamin D stimulates your skin’s natural production to help improve cell growth and barrier support. Use it as a night mask and pop it in the fridge for an extra cooling effect.


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