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Sarah Chapman

Pro Pore Refiner
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Sarah Chapman

Pro Pore Refiner

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Banish the effects of pollution, free radicals and environmental aggressors with Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner, a skincare device that provides a deep cleaning while addressing the issues associated with so-called ‘city skin’. Working to decongest the pores, it helps to reveal a revived complexion.

This innovative device works in three steps, delivering thermo-therapy and ionic cleansing, ultrasonic vibrations and extraction of clogged pores to for a cleaner, calmer complexion. The increasing heat gently opens the pores, while positively charged ions teamed with pulsations loosen blockages and bring them to the surface. During extraction, dirt is removed to leave the pores clear and skin radiant.

Sarah Chapman Pro Pore Refiner is easy to control, clean and store between uses. It is suitable for all skin types.

Key Benefits

  • Handheld skincare device
  • Helps to decongest and cleanse pores
  • Works in three stages to achieve a clearer and more radiant complexion
  • Thermo-therapy gently opens the pores
  • Positively charged ions loosen blockages and bring them to the surface
  • Device removes dirt to leave the skin brighter
  • Suitable for all skin types

SKU# UK200026707

  • • Apply a balm cleanser such as Ultimate Cleanse to the whole face, using my signature Skinesis massage techniques to work it deeper into the skin.
  • • Steam the skin for 10 minutes using my Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer to loosen the pores and prepare the skin. Alternatively, time your extraction just after a bath or shower when the skin is warm, and dirt and sebum is softened.
  • • Click button to illuminate yellow light. Use the metalized end of the device for the first step of the programme: thermo therapy and ionic deep cleansing. Increasing temperature effectively opens pores while positively charged ions are emitted to attract the negatively charged dirt, drawing it to the surface to decongest. 2 minutes
  • • Click button to illuminate blue light. The next step utilises ultrasonic vibrations to stimulate the skin and soften the blockage further. 2 minutes
  • • Click button to illuminate white light. Flip the device and use the suction nozzle to begin extraction. Adjust the strength as appropriate, then glide over taught skin with continuous movement, taking care not to hover. Complete one pass per treatment to avoid unnecessary stress to the skin. 2 minutes
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    The Sarah Chapman brand philosophy fuses potent, high-performance scientific actives with powerful botanicals. Skinesis formulas are infused with restorative natural scents to deliver a multi-sensory skincare experience that delivers exceptional results.


    4 Reviews


    Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews


    Location: london

    Reviews: 293

    Age: 30-45

    Skin Type:: Combination

    Gender: Female

    July 04 2023

    not for me

    What an absolute waste of money! I did everything to make sure I got the most out of this product (I steamed my face and exfoliated, made sure my pores were really open and ready for extraction) and the results are so disappointing! the suction is strong but literally nothing comes out!

    TOP 250


    Location: Glasgow

    Reviews: 177

    Age: 30-45

    Skin Type:: Combination

    Gender: Female

    Skincare Concern:: Anti-Ageing / Prevention

    Skin Tone:: Fair

    July 23 2020

    In theory great, in action not so much

    I love the idea behind this device the 3 settings make it much more than a basic suction device. And it definitely tries to emulate a facial experience. I actually really enjoy the first warming setting. And the suction setting is very intense! I wouldn’t dare use it to the maximum as it would definitely have the potential for bruising. I feel like this is great for chin blackheads and congestion, but anything deeper across my cheeks it didn’t seem to have much effect on. I was also quite scared to use it around my nose in case it caused any bruising.

    Best Use: Anti-Pollution, Blackheads


    Location: Norwich

    Reviews: 2

    Age: Under 30

    Gender: Female

    Skincare Concern:: Dry / Dehydrated

    Skin Tone:: Very Fair

    March 15 2020

    Waste of money

    I bought this with such high hopes but ended up really disappointed. The product had three stages, the first stage takes ages to heat up so by time it is theoretically doing something the timer has ended. And the suction setting is so strong you risk bruising the skin very easily. Overall the product did not touch either my blackheads which are very small or my partners which are much larger. It did suck off some surface grease but so does washing your face! Alot of money for a product that did so little.

    Best Use: Blackheads

    TOP 100


    Location: Kent

    Reviews: 331

    Age: 45+

    Skin Type:: Oily

    Gender: Female

    Skincare Concern:: Breakouts / Oily

    Skin Tone:: Medium

    Recommends this product: Yes

    March 12 2020


    Have had this for coming up to a week and just had to post a review! I've oily skin, largish pores and prone to congestion. Trying to keep it clear is hard work. Have purchased various serums that have helped, but felt I needed something extra to help with extractions. Spotted the Pro Pore Refiner on the Sarah Chapman website but due to price, held back from buying. Then spotted it on SpaceNK and took the plunge. This is exactly what I was looking for! It does the job I need it to do. It is worth reading the instructions carefully. There are 3 phases with the last phase being the extraction phase. With the 1st 2 phases, it says you need damp skin. Your skin does need to be very damp for the gadget to slide over your skin easily. With step 3 it is worth starting on the lowest setting and make sure you keep it moving so as not to cause bruising. I now use the lowest setting to go over my cheek areas and use level 2 for my nose, temples and chin where it's more congested and stubborn. I don't find the suction uncomfortable. I enjoy the whole process as it works - I'm less congested. Very happy!!

    Best Use: Blackheads, Visible Pores

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