What Order Should I Put Makeup On?

When you experience problems with makeup wearing away during the day, you could be applying it in the wrong order. Most makeup artists follow a standard procedure for putting on a face, so if you’re wondering, “What order should I put makeup on?” we have an answer.

All About That Base

Foundation should be applied in the light you’ll be appearing in. Use a thin layer for a fresh-faced look or build to fuller coverage, depending on the result you want to achieve. Next, work on any blemishes with your concealer, dabbing it on with a brush for precision and then gently blending it in. Finally, tame your T-zone and cheeks with a sweeping of powder.

Lippy And Cheeky

Define your cheeks with a wash of blusher and then use a bronzing powder to refine your look. These products add warmth to your face and can be used individually if you prefer. If you’ll be using both, apply the bronzer first so that your contours look more natural. Next, apply your lip liner if you’ll be using one, followed by your lipstick, either with a brush or straight from the bullet.

The Eyes Have It

Your eye makeup will have a transformative effect on your whole face and provide structure, so apply eyeshadow and liner in the final stages. Follow this with mascara to avoid your lashes getting in the way. Lastly, choose a brow pencil that complements your other products and brings the entire look together.