Where Should You Apply Blush?

Blush is the perfect beauty tool for enhancing your complexion and giving your face and healthy and natural tint of colour. However, applying blush requires certain techniques to achieve the desired effect and the perfect makeup look, and this varies depending on your facial structure. So, where should you apply blush? Here are some top tips to help you out…

If you have an oval or a triangular face, then your cheekbones will be quite prominent, so you should gently stroke your blush over your cheekbones to accentuate them. However, if you have a triangular face you need to add an extra step; in addition to applying blusher on the cheekbones, also try adding a little bit to your temples and forehead then blend in.

A heart shaped face can look pointed, so the best thing to do is to ‘soften the edges’. Apply your favourite blush by the side of your temples, the centre of your forehead and on the outer corner of your cheekbones.

With a square face, you should aim to touch up your blush below the cheekbone to give them definition. If you have a round face lightly sweep the blusher, starting near the ear, working your way down to the cheekbones then stopping close to your mouth.

If you have a long face  apply your blush on the part of your cheekbones that’s located near your eyes and blend in.