Behind the Brand:Chantecaille

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Many of us like to know that the beauty brands we love, in turn, love our planet and all the creatures who call it home. Chantecaille is perhaps the most planet-conscious and philanthropic beauty brand there is. Read on to discover more about how their makeup is a force for good…

The creator of the brand, Sylvie Chantecaille, is legendary in the beauty industry. Raised in Paris, Sylvie exudes that elusive French je ne sais quoi when it comes to beauty. Her first foray into the industry came in the late 70s – with friend Diane von Furstenberg – after a move to Manhattan to be with her husband Olivier Chantecaille. Her family-run cosmetics company – Chantecaille – launched in 1997 and it remains a family affair to this day, with her daughter Olivia in the role of Creative Director, her other daughter Alex acting as Vice President of Sales and Promotions, and her son Philippe, Director of Media Production. Meanwhile, her husband Olivier serves as Chief Financial Officer.

What Does The Brand Stand For?

Chantecaille is renowned for its use of botanicals and calming rose water, which is present in every product they sell. The skincare is simple but oh-so-effective while the makeup does what great makeup should, enhances natural beauty without covering it up. It’s a winning formula.

But, there’s so much more to Chantecaille than great skincare and covetable makeup palettes. Ever since Chantecaille’s inception its charitable causes have been at the top of their priority list. Not content to only provide women around the globe with confidence boosting beauty products, it is important to both Sylvie and her family that Chantecaille supports causes that truly have an impact on our world.

It hopefully goes without saying that the brand has always been, and will always be, a cruelty-free brand but their philanthropic credentials go much further than that. The Chantecaille family is passionate about nature and animal welfare, and so each season aligns its products with a worthwhile cause that’s in desperate need of both income and publicity.

Worthy Causes

Over the past two decades, Chantecaille has financially supported various worthy causes through sales of products. In the past, the sales of a beautiful silver and grey palette supported efforts to safeguard the Blue Whale which are hunted and killed in huge numbers, while a shimmering powder quad with a rose-toned blush and peachy highlight directly supported American wild horses by working to preserve the very land they lived on. Another standout palette supported efforts to save wild tigers and prevent them from being hunted for their body parts. More recently, the brand created a line of 12 flattering Lip Veils to support Space For Giants, a non-profit organisation which helps protect elephants at risk in Africa.

Where To Next?

The latest collection from the philanthropic brand has been inspired by the hypnotic colours of Amazonian Hummingbirds. From the dreamy Hummingbird Limited Edition Quartets in shimmering nudes, pink and slate to the four flattering, glossy Lip Chic shades, the collection has something for everyone.

In keeping with the brand’s ethos, the Hummingbird collection supports the Amazon Conservation Team (ACT), which works with indigenous and local communities across the region to protect and preserve the rainforest and traditional cultures. The sale of each Lip Chic will help support indigenous women striving to protect the natural habitat of hummingbirds.