Update Your Makeup Brushes

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In celebration of the launch of our brand new and exclusive Space NK Makeup Brush collection, we caught up with two of our Space NK Pro Artists to discover their tips and tricks for using these multi-tasking wonders at home. The beautifully crafted range consists of ten tapered, 100% vegan and cruelty free brushes, each one designed to be used in multiple ways, so you can streamline your kit and effortlessly finish your makeup look while you’re at it.

Are Synthetic Makeup Brushes Good?

Synthetic makeup brushes are cruelty free as they are made up of manmade fibres such as nylon. As they are non-porous the bristles don’t absorb as much product (particularly important when using liquids or creams) so you’re far less likely to waste any of your favourite products. Synthetic brushes are also less likely to harbour bacteria than natural hairs, as they don’t have a cuticle. Switching seamlessly between the products and steps in your regime is another major benefit of investing in a synthetic option. ‘All you need to do is wipe clean the bristles with a tissue between uses before moving onto your next product, making them an efficient choice for multi-tasking makeup application,’ says Jutheanne Cruz Wild, Space NK Pro Artist.

 What Is A Tapered Makeup Brush Used For?

The weight and shape of your makeup brushes has a significant impact on how easy they are to use. ‘Tapered handles help your fingers to grip the brush more comfortably and provide a better weight balance for easier and more subtle movements,’ says Arif Khan, Space NK Pro Artist. Each one of our new Space NK brush collection has tapered handles of varying sizes for ease of application to help you create a professional finish at home.

How Often Should You Wash Makeup Brushes?

Cleaning your makeup brushes regularly is important to prevent the spread of bacteria and to remove makeup residue so you can start each application with clean and clear tools. ‘Keeping your brushes clean helps to prolong their life,’ says Arif. ‘Try spot cleaning brushes between uses by spraying with a cleaning spray like Beautyblender’s Instaclean or Laura Mercier’s Brush Cleaner, then swirling onto a tissue until it shows up clear. Once a week deep clean your brushes with a tiny bit of shampoo and water worked through the bristles.’ Remember, when drying always leave brushes lying flat on a tissue or towel to prevent bristles shedding and don’t use until completely dry.

What’s The Best Makeup Brush Storage?

Effective makeup brush storage not only helps to care for your brushes, but also means you can find them quickly and easily for your next use. A cool and dry place away from heat is the ideal location to protect your brushes from sun or heat damage advises Jutheanne, and be careful to keep them covered so they don’t attract dust. For our new range we have a specially designed Space NK Brush Bag complete with elastics and zip lid to keep your brushes secure, safe and dry.

Space NK Makeup Brush Favourites

If you’re looking to upgrade your makeup toolkit but aren’t sure which to go for, you’re in luck. Read on to discover which brushes are always in our Pro teams’ kits…

Space NK 302 Brush

“I couldn’t live without this brush! I use it to buff my under-eye concealer in then I’ll wipe any excess onto a tissue and move onto the powder to brighten and prevent creases. It can also be used to apply a wash of shadow for a soft eye look or in the crease for a light contour. Finally, you can use it to precisely highlight the cheekbones and under the arch of the brow for an instant brow lift!” says Arif.

space 302
space 305

Space NK 305 Brush

“I have small hooded eyes so I swear by the 305, which is the ultimate eye makeup brush. It can smudge, cut crease and blend out shadows effortlessly,” says Jutheanne.

Space NK 101 Brush

“This brush feels so luxurious and can be used to apply setting powder, bronzer and blush. The fluffy domed shape takes the hard work out of blending as it glides over the skin. I love using mine to create a natural sun kissed glow,” says Arif.

brush 101
brush 202

Space NK 202 Brush

“I can finish the whole complexion with this brush. It does everything from foundation to setting powder, bronzer, highlighter and even contouring. It’s a true multi-tasker,” says Jutheanne.