The Uplifting Self-Care Scents For Twixmas

The Uplifting Self-Care Scents For Twixmas
“What day is it again?” is most definitely going to be asked on Dec 27th. As will “it’s OK to have camembert and Ferrero Rochers for breakfast, right?” I personally cannot wait for the discombobulating Twixmas lull: those slow, smudgy days after Christmas when it’s still acceptable to have the tree lit up all evening, Bublé warbling in the background and the warm fuzzy glow of not having to eat dry turkey for a whole year. But I’ve done enough of these Twixmasses in my adult years to also know how shattered and overwhelmed I feel, both emotionally and digestively (which reminds me: *adds Gaviscon to the Ocado order). The seismic mind-melt from December’s craziness and the physical saturation from boozing and eating combine to make you feel utterly yuck. My body craves freshness, my eyes clarity and my ears quiet, and I know my nose will yearn for a bit of all of that too. Here are some smells, scents and spritzes for that decompressive self-care, but which still have the magical wintry feels I want to hang onto for just a little while longer before kill-joy January kicks in.

Tom Ford

Beau De Jour Eau de Parfum, € 122,00

If I say the words ‘lavender perfume’ please stay with me, it’s not what you think. This soft, gentle, fluffy-edged fragrance captures lavender’s elegant, cool and calm personality (not its comatosing dustiness). It has snuggle from powdery musk and amber, but it’s illuminated by pinging citrus, crisp mint and rosemary with a vast woodland airiness that elevates it up above the festive fog and into a spa-chill headspace.



Vanille Scented Candle, € 34,00

Your mind says “I still want decadence!” but your body says “Acid Reflux!”, so meet halfway with this delectable candle that celebrates all the wonderful things about vanilla: maternal reassurance, natural sweetness, spiced intensity and welcoming warmth… minus the sugar hangover.



Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash, € 35,00

Because you asked for lovely hand soap in your stocking and they will undoubtedly get the wrong one, pre-buy this stunner for yourself and crack it open asap. Each dousing is like a tiny aromatherapy head massage as the botanical scent rises from your hands and into your mind. Penetrating and handsome cedarwood blends with camphorous rosemary and mouth-watering mandarin for a truly recalibrating me-moment.



Perfect Nights Sleep Reed Diffuser, € 47,15

It may be the most wonderful time of the year, but perhaps for you it is the most stressful, the most upsetting or the loneliest. It’s been such a hard climb to this point that often the end of December can feel like an enormous disappointment for having achieved only a fraction of your goals. Surrounding yourself with a healing aroma won’t fix this of course, but it could subliminally help to ground your thoughts as you catch a little plume of this heavenly jasmine, lavender and sweet basil scent when you least expect it.



Sleep Dharma Pillow Mist, € 24,00

All bets are off in terms of schedules and routines during this strange lull, and your sleep pattern will probably be all over the place too. I’m not suggesting for minute that a pillow mist will whisk you off into an eight-hour snoozefest, but what can happen with consistent use is that you will begin to associate this spectacular garden-herb, nutty and floral-fresh smell with going to bed. You are indicating to your body that it’s time to switch off. This scent is also particularly good at slowing down the fretful 3am hamster-wheel of thoughts. If you’ve yet to treat yourself to the ritualistic joy of a pillow mist, this ayurvedic blend is one of the best out there.


Acqua Di Parma

Blu Mediterraneo Mandorlo di Sicilia Eau de Toilette, € 114,00

This is my left-field suggestion, because I personally feel that the scent of creamy-fresh almonds is so unbelievably comforting and spirit-lifting. And when it’s done by Acqua di Parma – well, you are in for a seriously luxe self-care treat. Inspired by the warm, rich and abundant terrain of Sicily, there’s a bright little spike of bergamot peel and star anise that fits so well with this time of year without being overly Christmassy. Then comes that almond crunch with its velvety after-taste reminiscent of vanilla-laced milk. It’s curiously refreshing yet sumptuously cosy: Twixmas goals indeed.


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