The Chantecaille Family On Life In Lockdown

The Chantecaille Family On Life In Lockdown

You might know Chantecaille for its botanical skincare, the bestselling , or maybe for the brand’s incredible philanthropic projects. From helping the African elephants to preserving the home of Amazonian Hummingbirds, the beauty brand has made its mark with its charitable wildlife-themed makeup collections.

What you might not know is that the brand is still very much a family affair. Together Sylvie, her two daughters Alex and Olivia and their brothers run the global beauty brand. As the arrival of the new , which supports WildAid, coincides with the family isolating in the Hamptons, we caught up with Sylvie and her daughters to find out how they’re coping in lockdown…

On Isolating In The Hamptons Together…

Sylvie: Our house at the beach has always been a base for the family. We spend time there together on weekends and holidays and practically live there in the summer months. Fortunately, last year Alex bought a house down the lane that is within walking distance, and since then, Olivia found a home right in the middle. We are so lucky because we have the best of both worlds right now – togetherness but also independence.

On Morning Routines In Lockdown…

Sylvie: Before I even get out of bed in the morning, I spritz [p roductlink sku=MUK131430009][/productlink]. I also spray it during the night if I wake up and need to fall back asleep. Once I get out of bed, I try to meditate and I exercise every second day. After that, my mornings are packed with nonstop phone calls and Zoom meetings. We are trying to stay connected with all of our teams, and that requires almost constant communication.

Olivia: My day also begins with a generous spritz of Chantecaille Pure Rosewater, € 78,00 to wake me up and then I apply Chantecaille Blue Light Protection Hyaluronic Serum, € 166,00 to protect my skin from all of the screen time. My parents live nearby and in the morning my father will stop by with fresh croissants and a quick hello. Then, my husband, daughter, and I go over our daily schedule. Since we are all working from home it is helpful to coordinate our Zoom times!

On Keeping A Positive Mindset…

Sylvie: I think everybody goes through waves of emotions – you’re fine and optimistic for days, then have a day where you feel your wings are clipped and you feel totally isolated. The cure is staying super positive and finding ways to stay connected to the outer world. I have tried to look at this time as a positive, healing moment for the earth, and a time to self reflect and reset values. But of course, there are times when it feels just a bit too long, with no end in sight.

On Changing Beauty Routines…

Sylvie: I am using this time at home to experiment more with my routine. Over the past few weeks I have been trying different combinations of serums, creams, and masks and layering them. My new favourite treatment is to layer the Chantecaille Rose de Mai Cream, € 225,00 with the Chantecaille Nano Gold Firming Treatment, N/A.

Olivia: I have become more of a minimalist lately, make-up free unless we are shooting photos or videos. Although I have been trying to mask frequently. Making the most of this time at home, I rotate through all of our masks. I sleep in the Chantecaille Bio Lifting Mask, N/A, so I am ready for morning Zoom sessions. I’ve also been alternating between the soothing Chantecaille Jasmine and Lily Healing Mask, € 98,00 and the Chantecaille Hibiscus Smoothing Mask, € 103,00.

Alex: I’m taking more time to cleanse and I’m definitely enjoying masking too. If I feel like I need a bit of makeup, it’s really just a touch of Future Skin Foundation, Cheek Gelee in Happy, and a little Faux Cils Mascara Longest Lash.

On Counterbalancing Screen Time…

Olivia: One of the most challenging adjustments is how much time we are spending in front of the screen, so much right now is virtual: meetings, school, work, exercise. It’s very intense, Delphina and I both feel the effects of it. One new routine we have both implemented is wearing blue light glasses to protect our eyes from all of the screen time. I have also placed several EMF blockers and crystals to absorb and protect us.

Alex: I’ve kept up with my workouts via FaceTime with my trainer and I converted my barn into an office, workout space and meditation den. I’ve been following some Kundalini Yoga Kriyas from Guru Jagat, which has been really nice and provides positivity. I also find cooking my own food to be new, exciting and very enjoyable— and it feels much healthier than the restaurant food I was ordering in from everyday in New York City.

On The Much-Anticipated Summer Collection…

Sylvie: The animals are our inspiration, always. Last summer I visited Isla Mujeres in Mexico, where whale sharks migrate in the summer. It was there that I swam with these gentle giants and experienced their magnificent beauty up close. The moment I returned from my trip we got to work on our Summer 2020 Collection, in benefit of WildAid and vulnerable marine species like whale sharks and manta rays.

On Chantecaille’s Future Plans And Launches…

Olivia: We have always been very interested in wellness and self-care and creating products that are healthy and good for you inside and out. Now more than ever, this is what people want, and we are going to continue to create the most efficient, best quality products possible using healing botanical and floral ingredients.

Posted: Monday, 11 May 2020

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