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Whether you’re feeling stressed, struggling to sleep or want to up your self-care game, Aromatherapy Associates is a brand to explore. Famous for its expert blends of the finest aromatherapy oils, the British brand has a remedy for stress, sleep, achy muscles and more.

Aromatherapy Associates was founded by Geraldine Howard and Sue Beechey in 1985. Both were passionate about aromatherapy and created a small line of therapeutic-grade products. While Aromatherapy Associates product line-up might have grown over the years, the brand has stayed true to Geraldine and Sue’s vision with luxury, concentrated aromatherapy blends that work.

Why We Love Aromatherapy Associates

While we know that lavender is a good for sleep and relaxation, we’re happy to admit that is about the extent of our knowledge when it comes of aromatherapy oil. What we love most about Aromatherapy Associates is that the brand makes it easy to find the right blend for your needs. Struggling to sleep? You need Relax Room Fragrance. Want to create a spa-like vibe? Try Rose Pure Essential Oil Blend. Need to refocus your mindset when you’re working from home? Stock up on Revive Pure Essential Oil Blend.

If you’re not into home fragrance, Aromatherapy Associates has a range of nourishing bath oils and bodycare options too. We’ve rounded up our favourite Aromatherapy Associates products to inspire you.

Best Aromatherapy Associates products for 2023


Aromatherapy Associates

Deep Relax Bath and Shower Oil, € 74,00

This is easily one of our most favourite blends from Aromatherapy Associates – it’s also a bestseller. The vetiver and chamomile essential oils help to ease stress and tension. All you need to do is add a couple of drops to a warm bath or massage a drop between the palms of your hands and take a few deep inhales while you’re in the shower. It’s a seriously soothing formula that will help you switch off and relax before bed.


Aromatherapy Associates

Ultimate Wellbeing Bath & Shower Oil Collection, € 99,00

If you’re looking for the best beauty gift set for a stressed-out friend or loved one, Aromatherapy Associates Ultimate Wellbeing Bath and Shower Collection is worth considering. Featuring 10 mini essential oil blends, this gift set will help them relax and unwind.


Aromatherapy Associates

Revive Shower Oil, € 40,00

While this is technically a Shower Oil, if you like bubbles in your bath we recommend treating yourself to one of these. The nourishing formula leaves your skin feeling soft, while the blend of juniper berry, rosemary and grapefruit helps to boost your mood.


Aromatherapy Associates

The Atomiser, € 165,00

Transform your home into an oasis of tranquillity with Aromatherapy Associates atomiser. Unlike a traditional reed diffuser, this one can switch between blends, so you can change the scent depending on your mood. It’s also easily portable, so if it becomes your crutch to get to sleep, you can take it everywhere you go.


Aromatherapy Associates

De-stress Muscle Bath & Shower Oil, € 74,00

Calling all runners and cyclists, this Aromatherapy Associates essential oil blend was made with you in mind. Add a couple of drops of the rosemary, ginger and lavender mix to your bath to help ease muscle tension and stiffness.


Aromatherapy Associates

Relax Massage and Body Oil, € 69,00

Whether you have a strong self-care routine or you want to create a relaxing pre-bed ritual to help you get a better night’s sleep, this body oil is worth the investment. The blend of chamomile, vetivert and ylang ylang help to smooth your skin and mind. We recommend taking the time to massage a drop or two into the heels of your feet as you climb into bed to help you sleep.


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Posted: Friday, 01 December 2023

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