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Founded in 2018 by Professor Augustinus Bader, the luxury skincare brand became an overnight success thanks to its patented skin cell renewing complex. Yes, the price tag on Augustinus Bader products might be hefty, but it’s a brand worth investing in. Whether you’re concerned with dryness, fine lines, pigmentation or all of the above, you can expect to see results with Augustinus Bader.

Why we love Augustinus Bader

We love that behind the brand, there is a real story of healing the skin. Professor Augustinus Bader worked with burn victims to conduct research on healing skin from the damage caused by fire to skin. From developing his first gel to the patented Trigger Factor Complex (TFC8), the signature ingredient used in all Augustinus Bader products, each formula is made to help the skin naturally heal from sun damage, hyperpigmentation to inflammation. “Your stem cells are super smart and over the past 20 years, we’ve learned what they want,” Professor Bader says. “The know-how comes from the right concentration and creating the perfect recipe much like a good chef.” Read on to discover our favourite Augustinus Bader products…

The Best Augustinus Bader Products to Buy in 2023


Augustinus Bader

The Cream, € 170,00

The OG product. This all-in-one moisturiser changed the skincare landscape when it was unveiled in 2018 and streamlined beauty routines across the globe. Prior to the launch, a lot of us were using two or three serums under our face creams. With the help of skin repairing TFC8, this cream is all you need (underneath your SPF). It’s worth noting that The Cream and The Rich Cream go hand-in-hand, the only difference is the latter has a slightly richer texture for those with drier skin.


Augustinus Bader

The Rich Cream, € 170,00

Think The Cream but even richer! For those who struggle with dry skin and are looking for a moisturiser that will deeply nourish and repair the skin, this is the one. Our Head of Content Liz Hambleton raves about The Rich Cream for her everyday routine. It’s the perfect consistency to finish off our skincare routine and to start your makeup routine. If you’ve tried The Cream and felt like you could use something a little thicker, The Rich Cream might be the solution for dry and more mature skin.


Augustinus Bader

The Body Cream, N/A

Because bodycare is also skincare, a good body cream is always important to have on hand. Dealing with dry, cracked skin on our hands and elbows and in need of something extremely nourishing? Enriched in vitamins A and E, The Body Cream will help achieve smoother and more even skin. It’s the hydration boost your skin craves in the winter. You can also try , which also contains The Cream to give your face and body some TLC.


Augustinus Bader

The Serum, € 340,00

If we had to only choose one serum in our skincare routine, this would be the one. The Serum works to hydrate the skin, works to diminish fine lines and wrinkles, and reduce hyperpigmentation overtime. It goes hand-in-hand with The Cream or your favourite moisturiser. This is a product that will help you streamline your skincare routine and focus on using the best ingredients to support your skin’s health.


Augustinus Bader

The Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum, € 145,00

When wearing lash extensions or falsies, our lashes can sometimes take a toll and not grow as fast as they used to. That’s when lash and brow serums come to the rescue. We all love and healthy lashes, even on those days when we choose not to wear mascara. Formulated with biotin, not only does this serum help boost the growth of your lashes, but it also strengthens them to keep them from falling out. Say hello to long and healthy lashes, no need to wear layers of mascara anymore with this one.


Augustinus Bader

The Retinol Serum, € 170,00

Augustinus Bader has finally launched a retinol serum and it's every bit as good as you imagined. Featuring pure retinol, alongside the brand's TFC8, this retinol product helps to smooth fine lines as well as ease the appearance of acne scarring and dark spots. As with all vitamin A serums, we recommend you introduce this formula into your skin once or twice a week to ensure your skin builds up a tolerance.


Augustinus Bader

The Shampoo, € 50,00

After focusing on skin health, Augustinus Bader is also tackling scalp and hair health. For those who tend to struggle with a dry scalp and lacklustre tresses. Everyone deserves to have long and healthy hair. The Shampoo is formulated with the brand’s TFC8 complex, just like every other formula. It also has botanicals to naturally bring some fragrance, as well as vitamin B5 to support the complex’s benefits. Healthy, strong, and shiny hair will be the result of using this shampoo overtime.


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Posted: Monday, 10 April 2023

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