Why We're Falling Back In Love With Gourmand Scents

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Chocolate, coffee, caramel… these notes might feel like a blast from the past, but gourmand perfumes are making a comeback. Forget the overwhelmingly sickly scents you used to spritz liberally as a teen, the new olfactory blends have a sophistication to them. For those who breezed past this fragrance family, what is a gourmand perfume?

This genre of fragrance is based on edible notes – think vanilla, chocolate, cherries et cetera. They’re usually on the sweeter side, but the best gourmand perfumes often balance out the sweetness with floral notes or warm, woody bases. We’ve rounded up some of our favourites to help you find the best gourmand perfume for you.

Five of the best gourmand perfumes


Juliette Has A Gun

Juliette EDP, € 28,75

If you like cherry scents...
…Juliette Has A Gun’s latest offering will be right up your street. The black cherry and spicy pepper notes give this scent some serious zing, while heady jasmine and tonka bean provide a smooth warmth. Inspired by the brand’s heroine, this fragrance makes a sophisticated statement.


Floral Street

Sweet Almond Blossom Eau de Parfum, € 48,00

If you like fruity floral scents...
…Floral Street’s Almond Blossom is worth sniffing out. While vanilla and nutty tonka bean notes sit at the heart of this scent providing plenty of warmth, the blend of apple blossom and passionfruit give this fragrance a juicy twist. It’s a great scent for spring!


Sol de Janeiro

Cheirosa '62 Perfume Mist, € 24,00

If you like caramel scents...
…Sol de Janeiro’s original Cheirosa 62 perfume mist is the only fragrance to spritz. With salted caramel, vanilla and pistachio, this fragrance has a delectable sweetness that you can almost taste. The addition of jasmine petals and sandalwood stops this scent from becoming sickly sweet and instead offers up some much-needed holiday vibes.


Ellis Brooklyn

Vanilla Milk Eau de Parfum, € 37,00

If you like vanilla scents (part 1)...
…Ellis Brooklyn’s Vanilla Milk has been given the TikTok seal of approval thanks to its creamy bourbon vanilla bean and Madagascan vanilla bean extract blend. While frangipani and milk accord add depth to vanilla notes, the peony rose gives this scent an uplifting floral twist. It is hands down one of the best vanilla perfumes we’ve smelt.



Deep Dark Vanilla, € 178,00

If you like vanilla scents (part 2)...
…D.S. & Durga’s Deep Dark Vanilla is a sultry, grown-up take on the popular note. While Ellis Brooklyn’s vanilla perfume feels more floral and feminine, this fragrance is very much unisex with orchid and pink pepper alongside earthy vines and cypress roots. For us, this is the best vanilla perfume for an evening occasion when you want to make a statement.

Posted: Monday, 08 April 2024

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