Why Our Editor Can’t Live Without This Mist

Photography: Emma Palmer

Face mists have a reputation for being an added luxury. They’re overlooked as a skincare routine essential. Yet, over the years I’ve discovered a handful of products that are genuinely game-changing for my skin. Caudalie Beauty Elixir is one of them. 

So much so, I get through two bottles of this face spritz a month. It’s the kind of product that I go into panic mode if it’s not in my bag. Why? Well, the multitasking mist has become my go-to skincare product throughout the day for several reasons…

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It Tones & Refines

Every morning without fail I use the Beauty Elixir after I’ve cleansed. With myrrhe oil and peppermint extract, the formula tones my skin without the need for cotton pads. Two quick sprays and a gentle pat is all it takes and then I follow up with my serum. The mist also helps to shrink the appearance of my pores and as someone with oily skin, this is a huge bonus. While you might not notice the difference straight away, I find I do once I’ve put my foundation on.


It Revives & Revitalises

I could be bare-faced and in need of a quick hydration boost or my makeup might have lost its dewy glow, regardless of the issue this face mist restores order. While it used to be the first thing I reached for when I got off the tube, it’s now part of my pre-Zoom ritual. Caudalie’s signature grape extract, together with rose, helps to top-up moisture levels and recharge your radiance. 



It Calms & Soothes

On those days when your skin feels hot and bothered or a little bit uncomfortable, this formula is the perfect tonic. Whether I’ve just ridden my horse or the hot weather is taking its toll on my skin, it offers cooling and soothing relief without feeling heavy or cloying. If I’m at home I’ll gently roller my skin with Herbivore Jade Facial Roller. I keep my face roller in the fridge to supercharge the cooling benefits.