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According to Paula’s Choice, over 70% of people experience sensitive skin and, due to environmental factors and modern ways of living, that number is on the rise. Sensitive skin can be reactive and uncomfortable, prone to flushing at the barest provocation. Darker skin tones hide it well, but the underlying soreness and heat, plus occasional bumps and breakouts, can be difficult to rein in. If your skin is sensitive you will know that it doesn’t take much to set it off. Harsh wind, central heating, certain active ingredients, even the sun, can cause irritation.

Sensitive skin is often a symptom of an impaired skin barrier, meaning harmful irritants can make their way in, and valuable moisture makes its way out. The key to caring for sensitive skin and maintaining a healthy balance, lies is a consistent daily skincare routine full of skincare for sensitive skin, and barrier boosting and anti-inflammatory ingredients. Here are the best products for sensitive skin…

Kate Somerville

DeliKate Soothing Cleanser, € 39,00

Best Cleanser For Sensitive Skin
If you have sensitive skin, you’ll be familiar with the perils of cleansing. Some cleansing ingredients are too harsh, while some washcloths and muslin can leave skin feeling raw. Kate Somerville DeliKate Soothing Cleanser will be a welcome relief for your angry skin. It deeply cleanses but thanks to its calming and strengthening peptides and ceramides, plus soothing ginger root extract and cucumber seed oil, it leaves skin feeling balanced, hydrated, and comfortable.



Active Recovery Broth, € 85,00

Best Serum For Sensitive Skin
Fermented ingredients are preferred for sensitive skin because they nourish without overburdening. Reome’s Active Recovery Broth, created by beauty journalist turned Chinese Medicine practitioner, Joanna Ellner, is excellent. With hyaluronic acid, snow fungus, bio-fermented minerals, and niacinamide (plus a host of other fortifying ingredients), the broth supercharges hydration and restores the skin’s crucial pH balance. Press a few drops onto clean skin morning and evening.


Paula's Choice

Calm Rescue and Repair Intensive Moisturiser, € 39,00

Best Cream For Sensitive Skin
Maintaining good moisture levels is essential as dryness and dehydration further weakens your skin barrier and worsens sensitivity. This moisturiser is intensely nourishing and contains a fleet of antioxidants to help protect skin from elements that might cause irritation, such as pollution.



Ultra Light Daily Defense SPF50, € 51,18

Best SPF For Sensitive Skin
Daily SPF is non-negotiable and it is especially important if you have sensitive skin. UV is an aggressor, putting your skin under stress every time it is exposed to it. We like to use a good quality broad spectrum protection such as Kiehl’s Ultra Light Daily Defense. It contains vitamin E to nourish and calm, it doesn’t make skin breakout, and it sits beautifully under makeup.



Ultracalming Mist, € 51,75

Best Mist For Sensitive Skin
This mist is useful to have on-hand throughout the day so you can top up moisture levels and support your skin barrier at the same time. Evening primrose and sunflower seed extracts help to sooth inflammation, while oats and aloe strengthen skin and help it maintain its natural moisture balance. The mist is also fine enough that you can apply it directly over makeup.


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Posted: Monday, 27 February 2023

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