Lisa Payne On Her Lockdown Beauty Lessons


Few people can predict the future of the beauty industry as accurately as Lisa Payne, senior beauty editor at the trend forecasting company Stylus. Yet, not even the experts could foresee Covid-19 and an unprecedented lockdown. 

Like the majority of us, Lisa has spent the past three months adapting to life at home, navigating the new work-life conundrum. “My philosophy has always been to take care of my skin as best I can, so I don’t have to wear loads of make-up to compensate,” says Lisa. “The more youthful and dewy my skin can look, the better. I have an arsenal of products to help me achieve this, because (to be honest) I love booze, late nights and other beauty sins we shouldn’t openly admit to in the age of wellbeing.” 

With the lockdown lifting and a new normal beginning to take form, we asked Lisa about the unexpected beauty lessons she’s learnt and the ones she’ll be implementing permanently.


Lesson 1: Less Is More Day-To-Day

The past few months have confirmed to me that if my skin behaves, my makeup can be simple. A little brush of bronzing cream, a swipe of RMS Living Luminizer on the high points and NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Famous Red on the lips and I’m happy. A similarly natural approach to hair sees me reaching for a bottle of Charlotte Mensah’s Manketti Hair Oil to tamp down any frizz and let it dry naturally.

Lesson 2: Your Routine Should Be A Ritual

Pre-lockdown, I was guilty of rushing around in the mornings before leaving the house, slapping on my skincare and then doing my make-up on the bus to work. Now that I have a little more time I’ve really embraced being slower in my application and more considerate of what my skin might need at the time. This is the practise of turning beauty into a wellbeing ritual rather than a daily chore that we all rarely have time for in our day-to-day. I’m hoping I stick to this philosophy. 

At the moment, I start with a double cleanse (Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm first, followed by Kate Somerville Goat Milk Moisturizing Cleanser). Then, I’ll add a quick mist of Allies of Skin Molecular Saviour Probiotics Repair Mist before applying active serums. I have a handful of effective formulas on the go, but Vintner’s Daughter Active Botanical Serum is a game-changing all-rounder.

Lesson 3: Look After Your Skin Barrier

A lot of people have complained about increased skin dryness induced by lockdown (how, why we don’t know) and I’m one of them. I’ve been concentrating on improving my skin’s defensive barrier with de Mamiel Skin Recovery Blend, which hosts all these lovely blue essential oils to axe dryness, redness and irritation.

Lesson 4: Some Treatments Are DIYable

I’ve joined the thousands of beauty addicts who have taken salon beauty into their own hands. All of the research that we’ve done at Stylus into how the virus changed our beauty habits revealed how resourceful we’ve all become. Hair dyeing kits saw huge sales increases, same with nail care, skincare and at-home kits. 

My husband trimmed my hair (luckily a straight line wasn’t too difficult), and I’ve been using technology to fill in the other gaps. I dusted off my ancient at home IPL device to replace my regular waxes, and my January NuFace Trinity Facial Training Kit purchase is working alongside my skincare routine to tone and tighten while I can’t get facials (I’ve already convinced two of my colleagues to invest in one).


Lesson 5: Light Candles More Often

I’ve been lighting a candle in my living room (and impromptu new office) to signal the end of the working day and mentally put myself in a different space. I’ve always loved candles, but they were much more of a treat, or date night product. Now they are a real lifeline and an everyday necessity.

Even once I start commuting to work again, I’m going to keep up my candle therapy. I’ve recently been really excited about Ayurvedic brand Mauli and what they are doing with therapeutic aromatherapy, so their Sundaram & Silence Candle is my next burn.

Lesson 6: Breathing Properly Is Game-Changing

I’ve also been taking more baths (haven’t we all), but instead of bingeing on a Netflix series with my laptop propped on the toilet seat, I’ve adopted yoga breathing techniques to better relax and benefit from the lovely scent of bath oils or salts. Olverum Bath Oil is my absolute favourite – it’s got a really lovely herbal smell that is just the right balance of medicinal and spa.

Lesson 7: Be More Experimental

While most people have enjoyed forgoing make-up, I’ve worn make-up everyday and have been much more experimental. With the extra time, I’ve been able to attempt more complex looks and I’ve really got into watching the likes of Katie Jane Hughes on Instagram (follow her if you don’t already). It’s given my days a bit of normality and helped keep me sane. 

It’s not just makeup that I experimented with either. I’ve been drinking a bit more than I usually would at home (again, haven’t we all) but I’ve been a bit more creative with it – making cocktails instead of just picking up the same rioja from the corner shop and mindlessly quaffing on the couch.