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Best New Beauty Launches July 2024 | Space NK
While it’s always buzzing in the Space NK offices, the past few weeks have been extra busy (and exciting). From big new brand launches – Glossier, Joonbyrd, Westman Atelier, Self Glow by James Read – to new collections on everyone’s radar and big store openings, it’s fair to say our busy beauty buyers have had their work cut out for them.

Luckily, we managed to catch up with some of them to get the lowdown on some of their new and old favourites. Our Head of Skincare Shannon Monteith and Skincare Buyers Rebecca Herritty and Yasmin Ali have had their eyes on lots skincare and suncare goodies ahead of summer, our Head of Makeup Suze College and Makeup Buyers Julie Philip and Samantha Timson are in the midst of Glossier excitement while spotting other summer-ready makeup essentials, and our Head of Seasonal Sophie Wayman and Seasonal Buyer Georgie Milner have picked their summer scents and SPF heroes.

Keep scrolling to explore some of our buyers’ current favourite beauty products…

Best Beauty Products For July 2024



Smooth, Glowing Skin Favorites On-The-Go Set, € 33,35

“Fresh never lets me down, and this set is perfect for any getaways on the horizon! It’s all the Fresh favourites you could hope for – the bestselling Soya cleanser, iconic Kombucha Essence, glow-boosting Tea Elixir and soothing Rose Deep Hydration Face cream. It’s close to forming a full routine – and I love how this ensures glowing, healthy skin no matter where you jet off too.” – Rebecca


Laura Mercier

Caviar Smoothing Matte Lipstick, € 47,00

“One glide of this on the lips and I feel transformed! This is such a great lipstick – yes, the finish is matte but it’s so comfortable and even blurring thanks to the blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamin E and plum and grape seed oil. Plus, the colours are divine – from punchy to neutral, there’s a shade for everyone!” – Suze



Zodiac Sleep Mask, € 65,00

“I couldn’t not include these new sleep masks, they’re so striking! Made from the most gorgeous silk and ideal for any long flights or just your daily PM routine, the zodiac theme is just so playful and uplifting. It’s a great gift for any horoscope enthusiast friends and loved ones – as well as yourself!” – Sophie



Deluxe Box Set, € 230,00

“D.S. & Durga literally oozes coolness, and this set of six is bursting with character. From fruity to floral to sweet and woody, it’s a unique fragrance capsule wardrobe that you can mix and layer to find your very own signature scent.” – Georgie



Rose Gold Radiance Booster, € 115,00

“I’m shining the spotlight on this luxe product because it gives such a great, radiant finish to the skin. But radiance aside, it’s enriched with three A-list ingredients, hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and niacinamide – all of which help to hydrate, plump, calm and brighten.” – Shannon



Unseen Sunscreen SPF 30, € 46,00

“Unseen Sunscreen is an SPF favourite – it makes you look so healthy and dewy, and if you choose to wear makeup, it will sit beautifully under it. I firmly believe that this is one of those sunscreens that actually makes you look forward to wearing SPF! And now it’s available in a jumbo size, which I couldn’t be more excited about.” – Sophie



Modern Radiance Cream Bronzer, € 37,00

“This isn’t a new product but it’s one of my summer essentials, so I had to give it a mention. I love how seamless it is and how it just feels so nourishing on the skin. It’s perfect for adding a touch of warmth and definition – and because it’s so easy to blend and build, you can really amp up the radiance if you want to look truly sun-kissed.” – Julie



Mini Laguna Essentials Bronzer & Lip Set, € 35,00

“If you’re a fan of Laguna, you won’t want to miss this gorgeous trio of NARS minis. It features Laguna in both a cream version and the OG powder version, and then there’s the Laguna Afterglow Lip Balm that looks so good with the bronzer. These three little products may be small in size, but they’re big in results…” – Samantha


The Nue Co

Supa Thick, € 50,00

“I want to give my scalp all the attention this year, so I’m treating myself to this serum that makes your hair healthy from the very root! It not only promotes hair growth and thickness, but it’s also designed to soothe any scalp sensitivity, eliminate dandruff and remove product build up. I’m looking forward to seeing results over the next few weeks!” – Yasmin



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Posted: Monday, 01 July 2024

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