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Best New Beauty Launches May 2024 | Space NK
While it’s always buzzing in the Space NK offices, the past few weeks have been extra busy (and exciting). From big new brand launches – Glossier, Joonbyrd, Westman Atelier, Self Glow by James Read – to new collections on everyone’s radar and big store openings, it’s fair to say our busy beauty buyers have had their work cut out for them.

Luckily, we managed to catch up with some of them to get the lowdown on some of their new and old favourites. Our Head of Skincare Shannon Monteith and Skincare Buyers Yasmin Ali and Amber Sargeant have had their eyes on lots skincare and suncare goodies ahead of summer, our Head of Makeup Suze College and Makeup Buyers Julie Philip and Samantha Timson are in the midst of Glossier excitement while spotting other summer-ready makeup essentials, and our Head of Seasonal Sophie Wayman and Seasonal Buyer Georgie Milner have picked their summer scents and haircare heroes.

Keep scrolling to explore some of our buyers’ current favourite beauty products…

Best Beauty Products For June 2024


JVN Hair

Nurture Intense Hydration Mask, £29.00

“My hair always welcomes extra hydration – and I love that JVN’s formulas are packed with super nourishing ingredients! This hair mask is no different; it’s powered by a unique Triple Hydration System and does exactly what it claims. My locks look incredibly revitalised after this, and I know that a good hair day is on the cards.” – Georgie


Kate Somerville

Mega-C™ 30% Vitamin C Brightening Facial, £62.00

“This isn’t a new product, but as I’m obsessed with it I had to give it a mention. Many of us skincare connoisseurs love vitamin C, and this supercharged treatment – it contains 30% of pure vitamin C – delivers incredible results. My skin looks radiant and feels so smooth and firm – and I love that you can use it on your hands, chest and back to treat any hyperpigmentation.”– Shannon



Violet Haze Body Scrub, £56.00

“Oh my, this scrub is everything! Joonbyrd joy really is a thing – the minute I take the lid off it I feel instantly uplifted. The smell is so addictive – the vanilla, white lily and chocolate come through beautifully, so if you love sweet scents you’re in for a treat. The texture itself is a joy to use, and my skin feels so soft and smooth afterwards, not the least bit stripped.” – Yasmin



Ilio Eau De Toilette, £129.00

“I always look forward to Diptyque’s new launches because you just know it’s going to be bursting with character – and this year’s summer collection is just stunning. They’ve collaborated with French artist Alexandre Benjamin Navet to create a vibrant array of personal and home scents. One of my favourites is Ilio, which means sun in Greek – the prickly pear, bergamot and jasmine notes are irresistible.” – Sophie



Glossier You Solid Perfume, £35.00

“Are we over Glossier landing at Space NK? Not in the slightest. I could easily go on about all the Glossier products I love, but today I’m choosing the iconic You scent because I love that it’s now available as a solid fragrance and comes in the most adorable compact. It’s great for my everyday handbag, and I’ll undoubtedly be taking it on my next trip.” – Suze


Kora Organics

Silky Sun Drops 100% Mineral Sunscreen Serum SPF 30, £52.00

“It’s taken Kora Organics founder Miranda Kerr almost five years to create this product – and personally I think it’s been worth the wait! If you want your SPF to be as light as possible, this formula is for you – it really does feel like a serum and gives such a lovely glow. Another bonus? It sits so nicely under my skin tints too.” – Amber



Invisiveil Setting Spray, £28.00

“Jamie Genevieve’s latest launch is not to be missed! This alcohol-free formula is so lightweight and hydrating, I love how fine the mist is and apply it throughout the day just because it’s so refreshing. No matter what kind of finish you’ve gone for with your makeup, this spray won’t get in the way – it just hydrates, sets and enhances.” – Samantha


Westman Atelier

Squeaky Clean Liquid Lip Balm, £35.00

“The name says it all – this glossy lip balm is bursting with natural ingredients including organic jojoba, argan, almond oils and shea butter, which make it so nourishing and moisturising. The wash of colour is just right, and high shine finish is so comfortable. And most, importantly, it’s not the least bit sticky!” – Julie



Clear Suncare Stick SPF 50+, £32.00

“Shiseido’s suncare range is back and stronger than ever – the collection is formulated with brand’s signature SynchroShield Technology™, which reinforces the UV protective veil against sweat, water and heat. But as well as protecting from UV rays, these suncare offerings also protect against pollution. The stick is a personal favourite as it’s so easy and mess-free!” – Shannon



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Posted: Monday, 20 May 2024

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