Targeted Masking

More sophisticated than ever, face masks are one of the fastest changing areas in beauty. Following swiftly on from the sheet mask craze, we’re excited about the rise of multi-sheet masking – smaller sheet masks to target specific areas of the face and body. Offering intense benefits and targeting any problem areas, we recommend wearing several at the same time for impressive results, fast.

Fabulous Feet

Wave goodbye to calloused, dry and scaly feet with a super effective foot mask. The exfoliating power of AHAs and BHAs are put to the ultimate test in the Patchology PoshPeel Pedicure. This unique foot mask comes with a pair of socks which you fill with the masking solution before tying onto your feet for an hour of relaxation. Once removed feet are soft, but it’s in the next 3-7 days that the magic happens as the exfoliation takes place. We recommend wearing socks during this time as the dry, old skin peels away to reveal ultra-soft and renewed feet.


On The Chin

If you suffer from regular breakouts or oily skin, then it’s likely the blemish-prone chin area is your bugbear. Hormonal spots often show up in this area, and a targeted mask is an easy way to calm inflammation and take down redness. We recommend 111SKIN Anti Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Mask which comes in two parts with an oil balancing forehead and nose mask and a separate chin and jaw mask which focuses on neutralising hormonal blemishes. If you need just the lower half, tear along the perforated edge and save the other half for later.

Perfect Pout

A smoothing solution to rival lip balm, lip patches are created especially to treat your pout. Usually made from hydrogel with a flexible, jelly-like texture, the stick-on patches are loaded with nutrient-rich boosters that are delivered deep into lips to provide lasting hydration, boost plumpness and blood flow. They’re ideal to use before you apply lipstick for smooth application and long-wear. Try Patchology Flashpatch Hydrating Lip Gels with niacinamide, green tea and peptides.

Patchology Hydrating Lip Gels
Kat Burki

Eye Bright

Target fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles in one go with treatment masks that deliver powerful ingredients deeply into the delicate eye area. Eye masks are perfect for brightening up eyes before you head out to party; try applying Kat Burki KB5 Eye Recovery Masks for ten minutes while you blow dry your hair. Enriched with botanical hyaluronic acid and cold pressed avocado oil, they leave skin ultra-smooth and ready for makeup.

Line Smoothing

Patch technology works to deliver actives deep into the skin, so it makes sense to use them directly where you want to be plumped: enter Rodial Bee Venom Micro-Sting Patches. These instant-fix masks combine hyaluronic acid with bee venom to smooth and plump wrinkles and fine lines anywhere on the complexion. The uniquely self-dissolving mini masks help to stimulate the production of collagen and instantly plump-up dehydrated areas, ideal for pre-party skin prep.

Rodial Bee Venom Micro-Sting Patches