How To Body Brush And Reap The Rewards

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Body brushing is a super simple technique of using a bristled brush in upward strokes all over your body. It’s regularly touted as the best approach to exfoliating skin and tackling cellulite. However, there are a handful of other pretty good benefits that shouldn’t be overlooked.

Read on to discover not only how to body brush like a pro, but also why you won’t regret setting aside just two or three minutes each day to do it…

What’s The Best Technique For Body Brushing?

“Most people who are ardent fans of body brushing advise to do it prior to having a bath or shower so the skin is dry,” says leading aesthetic doctor and brand founder, Dr David Jack. “Technique wise, it’s generally better to do a sort or pulsed motion with short, sharp brush strokes as opposed to long strokes. Usually you would work towards the heart too,” he adds.


How Often Should I Body Brush?

As dry body brushing is a form of exfoliating, we suggest tailoring how often you do it depending on your skin type. If you’re new to the game, start by doing it three time a week before gradually building up to daily brushing. Be sure to use a good body moisturiser after and never brush over irritated skin, such as sunburn, eczema or other rashes.

Dry Body Brushing For Smoother Skin

“Dry body brushing is great for exfoliating the skin as it helps to remove any dead skin cells on the surface, but it’s also great for improving the overall appearance of the skin by boosting brightness,” says Dr David Jack. “It can also help any products you’re using to penetrate the skin better,” he adds. That means you’ll probably find your usual body moisturiser is sinking in that little bit better.


Dry Body Brushing For Lymphatic Drainage and Improved Circulation

Dry body brushing is also said to increase blood circulation which makes your lymphatic system more efficient. Lymph drainage works wonders for supporting our bodies detoxification process which could also give your immune system an added boost which is always welcome.


Dry Body Brushing For Helping The Appearance Of Cellulite

Let’s be real, there is no magic trick to getting rid of cellulite completely, but there are a few things you can do to help with it’s appearance and to prevent it from getting worse. Cellulite is essentially dimpled skin caused by fat cells pushing up against the skin. Dry body brushing can help break these cells down by boosting your circulation and drawing freshly oxygenated blood to the surface of your skin. So, while it may not work to rid our cellulite, we’re all for anything that reduces the appearance of it…


Dry Body Brushing For A Mood Boost

An increase in circulation could also see your energy levels on the up so try making dry body brushing a part of your morning routine. As dry brushing is also a form of massage, it is a great technique to employ before your evening bath to help relieve stress and tension.