How To Pair Your Eyeshadow To Your Eyes

How To Pair Your Eyeshadow To Your Eyes
There might be a rainbow spectrum of shades at my disposal, but, if I’m honest, all I want to know what the most flattering eyeshadow for my eyes is. I want a formula that’s quick to apply (ideally with my fingers) and stays in place all day without smudging under my eyes and ruining my concealer.

If you’re singing from the same hymn sheet, you’ll be pleased to know that I asked the makeup artist, Adam Sidwell for his top tips at the launch of Hourglass Curator Palette, € 12,00. The brand’s NEW refillable palette provides 40 different shades across four finishes, allowing you to build the perfect collection of eyeshadows to suit not just your eye colour, but your every mood and whim. In true Hourglass style, the eyeshadows are vegan and cruelty-free, and the palette itself is made out of fully recyclable aluminum.

If You Have Blue Eyes…

“Opt for warm golden and sunset shades as they will really enhance your blue eyes,” says Adam. “The shades FOE, PRO, ORB, and LUX in the Hourglass Curator Palette sit within this family.” Ranging from burnt orange and rust to golden brown and amber, these will make your blue eyes pop.

If You Have Hazel Eyes…

“Violet and amethyst shades will highlight the pale green in hazel eyes. If you like richer colors, use FOG, a deep mauve, or GEM, a deep warm plum,” says Adam. For something a little lighter, “try KEY, a dusty rose. These shades will really bring out the dimension in your eyes,” he adds.

If You Have Green Eyes…

“To enhance green eyes, focus on crimson, purple, and burgundy shades. I would recommend FIG for a deep plum, POW, which is more of a warm cranberry, or PRY, a beautiful rose gold,” recommends Adam. “Trust me, any of these will instantly amp things up!”

If You Have Brown Eyes…

“Those with brown eyes are lucky—it’s the most versatile eye colour and all eyeshadow shades will suit you, so run free,” says Adam. If you’re looking for something with a little sparkle, we recommend Rose Copper. Adam recommends using your finger rather than a brush to apply: “it gives you a lot of control so it’s easier to place the shimmer exactly where you want like on the centre of the eyelid!”

Posted: Thursday, 22 July 2021

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