Makeup To Suit Your Eye Colour

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Ever wondered what colours you should be wearing to suit your eye colour? Our Senior Pro Artist, Arif Khan is here to help…

“When it comes to choosing eyeshadow and eyeliner colours, you can either make them pop by choosing something which is opposite to your eye colour on the colour wheel or enhance them with a colour which is close to your eye colour,” says Arif.

Make Your Eyes Pop

Choosing a colour that is different to your eye colour will make yours eyes really stand out and look much more vibrant. Thankfully the new Charlotte Tilbury collection will help with this as they have four new palettes and liners to suit blue, green, brown and hazel eyes.

For Blue Eyes

Use the Copper Charge palette or liner to make blue eyes even bluer. The copper really works to accentuate these shades.

For Green Eyes

Try the Mesmerising Maroon palette or liner to make green eyes sparkle like emeralds. The deep red makes these two a perfect pair.

For Brown Eyes

The Super Blue palette or liner is best for brown eyes as the blue really helps to bring out those gold and amber tones.

For Hazel Eyes

Opt for the Green Lights palette or liner to awaken the gold, red and brown colours.

Enhance Your Eye Colour

“The second way to use these palettes is to choose the one closest to your eye colour. For example, blue eyes should use Super Blue to bring out the icy cool tones, whereas green eyes could try the Green Lights range to create a beautiful goldy-green hue. Copper Charge will help give brown eyes a glossy glow and Mesmerising Maroon will enhance rich hazel eyes,” says Arif.

How To Apply

If you’ve owned a Charlotte Tilbury palette before you’ll know the shades are labelled to make it easy for everyone to navigate – even makeup novices. First, use the prime shade to give the whole lid a wash of colour, then blend the enhance shade across the lid. The smoke shade is for the crease and upper and lower lash line, while the shimmer is for the centre of the lid. For the Eye Colour Magic Liner Duos, it takes just two simple steps:

1. Apply the matte shade along the lashline and create a feline flick at the corner of your eye. You can smudge this shade along the lower lash line too for a more intensified look. The matte shades will provide instant dimension and definition.


2. Use the metallic shade to amp up your look with some shine. Trace along your lash lines for a bold look or use it sparingly in the centre of your liner and along your lower lash line. The metallic side creates a light-shifting vibrant look which will make your eyes sparkle.

Top tip: “I love pairing these liners with the palettes to create a signature look which makes eyes really standout. They’re all smudge-proof, waterproof and humidity-proof too so are really long-lasting.”

Other Top Tips For Eye Makeup Application

“Whatever you apply to one side, you must mirror the application on both eyes to keep the look balanced. Another top tip of mine would be to always invest in the right tools. To achieve a professional finish, good brushes are essential to help you blend for a seamless finish. I am never without the Space NK Eye Edit Brush Set,” says Arif.

“Lastly, leave your concealer until you’ve finished your eye makeup to prevent the mess of fallout. If you are going for a heavier eye look, I suggest you do your base makeup (primer and foundation) and then do your eye makeup,” says Arif. “Once you’ve completed that, you can wipe away any excess and brighten under eyes with concealer. I tend not to do eyes first because if you have no makeup on, you can gage better how intensely you should apply certain colours.”