Tips For Makeup On-The-Go


Commuter makeup is a thing… really. In fact, the number of women applying their makeup is on the rise. But moving vehicles of any kind can be precarious when it comes to precise application, so to help, we’ve made it easier with these fool-proof tips.

Applying Foundation On-The-Go

Base used to be a tricky one, until now. With stick formulas readily available, it’s a great way to ensure you still get full coverage but without the hassle or need to carry a makeup brush with you; Hourglass Vanish Seamless Foundation Stick has balmy texture that glides on, and all you need to is blend in with your fingers.


If a full foundation for coverage feels too much, a creamy textured concealer can work wonders to just get to the spots that need evening out. Try a stick concealer like Chantecaille Le Camouflage concealer and blend using the applicator brush or the warmth of your fingers.

Multi-tasking On Your Commute

A huge sprawling makeup bag is no good if you’re trying to find products fast. Instead opt for multi-tasking products, such as cream tints that will double up as both a lip and cheek colour, or eye shadow shimmer sticks that can highlight as well as create depth on the eyelids; The Multiple by Nars comes in very adaptable shades. “The best way to use The Multiple is to warm the product on the back of your hand and apply to the cheeks, eyes and lips. This gives you a soft ethereal look that is well blended” says Cherelle Lazarus, NARS Senior Makeup Artist.


Best On The Move Lipsticks

Forget the precision required with a lipstick when you’re on the move, and instead choose a lip gloss that’s easy to apply and still delivers colour pay-off, comfort and flattering shine. Becca Glow Gloss has enough pigment in a dewy finish to flatter the lips in a natural way, while Hourglass Unreal High Shine Volumizing Lip Gloss is packed with rich pigment and adds an instant (non-sticky) glossiness.

Invest In A Good Bronzing Palette

Multiple shades in palettes can sometimes feel wasteful as only a few colours get used fully while others are ignored, so consider carefully which to add to your arsenal to get full use of it long term. Ditch the brush for those with great highlighting balms and lip and cheek stains that you can apply with your fingers, like Ilia Beauty Essential Face Palette. Otherwise for bronzing, eyeshadow and highlighting, Kevyn Aucoin’s Art of Sculpting and Defining Volume II is an easy to use all-rounder with great eyeshadow hues and face powders.

Beauty Extras for Your Commute

If you’re using your fingers to apply your products don’t forget the hand sanitizer for zapping those commuter germs. A sturdy mirror is also a good idea but the best, most useful ones are often part of larger face palettes. Tom Ford’s Radiant Perfecting Powder  is the perfect handbag size and comes with a complexion-boosting powder to finish the final look.