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If you’re partial to floral perfumes, then Floral Street is a fragrance brand that should absolutely be on your radar. The homegrown British brand was created by Michelle Feeney, who worked for some of the biggest beauty brands before turning her attention to fine fragrance. Whether you’re a fan of the sweet, rosy scent of peony or prefer the creamy headiness of jasmine and ylang ylang, we can guarantee that there will be a Floral Street perfume for you.

Why We Love Floral Street Perfume

What makes a Floral Street perfume unique? The British fragrance brand uses the finest ingredients to create sophisticated scents that put a spin on classic floral notes. For example, the brand’s take on a rose perfume is super light, green and fresh. There’s not a whiff of the stuffy potpourri that’s often associated with rose notes.

What do Floral Street perfumes actually smell like? Well, if you’re new to the brand we recommend seeking out Floral Street Wonderland Peony and Floral Street Arizona Bloom in store first and foremost, but if you’re shopping online, here’s our edit of the best scents.

The Best Floral Street Perfumes For 2023


Floral Street

Wonderland Peony Eau de Parfum, € 29,00

Floral Street Wonderland Peony perfume has a loyal following. As you can imagine from a fragrance that champions peonies, this is a light, delicate floral scent. While there are notes of blackcurrant and candy floss, this is by no means a sickly sweet perfume. It’s been perfectly balanced with pink pepper, cedarwood and vetiver to ensure the upmost sophistication.


Floral Street

Arizona Bloom Eau de Parfum, € 29,00

Arizona Bloom is probably Floral Street’s most renowned fragrance. The clever blend of salted musks, coconut and black pepper offer up a warm, holiday vibe without feeling cloying. It’s very much dry


Floral Street

Sunflower Pop Eau de Parfum, € 29,00

Love a fresh citrusy scent? Let us introduce Floral Street Sunflower Pop. The mandarin and bergamot notes ensure this perfume is uplifting and zesty. As a rule, we don’t describe fragrances as ‘sparkling’ but with a bellini accord, this scent serves up some sparkle when you first spritz it.


Floral Street

Ylang Ylang Espresso Eau de Parfum, € 29,00

If you want your perfume to be rich and creamy, Ylang Ylang Espresso Eau de Parfum is the Floral Street perfume for you. The blend of espresso and cocoa beans, ylang ylang, jasmine and patchouli make a statement with a delicious sweet twist courtesy of the tiramisu note.


Floral Street

Electric Rhubarb Eau de Parfum, € 29,00

Inspired by a warm summer’s afternoon with a crisp, salty breeze and rhubarb cocktails, this Floral Street perfume has an unexpectedly relaxing effect on us. As it dries, the fruitiness fades and you’re left with a hint of florals and Australian sandalwood. In a word, this fragrance is divine.


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