Meet The Bestselling Party Hair Essentials

Meet The Bestselling Party Hair Essentials
It’s November which means the festive party season is officially upon us. From office Christmas parties to Secret Santa gatherings with friends, our diaries are filling up and after two years of smaller celebrations, we’re keen to go all out with festive makeup and party hair looks.

What are the best hair products to achieve that glossy blowout or catwalk-inspired wet-look bun? We’ve created the ultimate edit of the party hair essentials, from washing to styling these products will see you through the festive party season effortlessly.

The Best Hair Products for Party Season to Get in 2022


JVN Hair

Complete Instant Recovery Serum, € 14,00

Best Hair Serum
Just like your skin needs skincare before applying makeup, your hair benefits from a little TLC before using styling products. This serum from JVN brings dry, damaged hair back to life if you’ve overdone it with heated styling tools. Thanks to the brand’s signature ingredient, hemisqualane, this dreamy formula rehydrates and nourishes hair, as well as offering protection from heat damage.


Color Wow

Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, N/A

Best Anti-Frizz Serum
There’s nothing more frustrating than styling your hair only to have a halo of frizz appear within moments of stepping out into the cold, wet, windy weather. Color Wow has created a clever product to banish frizz and ensure your hair has a shiny gloss all night long. A generous spritz of Dreamcoat creates a glassy effect and keeps hair looking smooth and frizz-free without feeling gritty or greasy. We’ve also noticed blow-drying time is shortened when we use Dreamcoat.


Living Proof

Full Dry Volume & Texture Spray, € 19,00

Best Hair Thickening Spray
If your hair tends to go flat and quickly lose volume, a hair thickening spray is a must-have.Living Proof has never failed us, and this formula is no exception, especially when we’re talking party season hair essentials. The featherlight mist gives hair instant volume that lasts long into the night, and you only need a couple of spritzes focused at the root.



Hair Round Blow Dryer Brush 2.0, € 103,00

Best Heated Styling Tool
Looking for a salon-grade blow-dry without giving your biceps an endurance workout? Meet Amika’s Hair Round Blow Dryer Brush 2.0. It’s a round, bristle brush and blow-dryer in one and the oval-barrel allows you to dry and style from root to tip effortlessly. The bristles give good grip and allow you to achieve a sleek, straight look or smooth waves. Buy today and you’ll also receive a complimentary Dream Routine Overnight Hydration.


Hair by Sam McKnight

Lazy Girl Biodegradable Hair Cleanse Cloths, € 20,00

The Smoothing Dry Shampoo
Dry shampoo is an all-year-round hair hero, but it really comes into its own during party season. Sometimes you don’t have time to wash your hair, and other times you just want to refresh a blow-dry after two days. These wipes by Sam McKnight are the answer to your prayers. They’re like dry shampoo but in wipe form, no need to faff around with spraying into your roots, all you need to do is pull out one of these wipes, press onto hair and you’re good to go. In seconds your hair will look and feel refreshed.



No.7 Bonding Oil, N/A

Best Hair Oil
If you love your curling tongs and intend to experiment throughout the festive party season, it will take its toll on your hair. Fortunately, Olaplex No.7 can help restore shine and breathe new life into your hair, as well as provide heat protection. We love using it to smooth flyaways, nourish frazzled hairs and boost shine. Thanks to its compact packaging, it’s a great one to keep in your bag too.



Detox Shampoo, € 16,00

Best Detox Shampoo
It’s worthwhile investing in a good detox shampoo if you use lots of styling products. The best detox shampoos, like Ouai’s formula, get rid of product build-up and pollution without stripping away essential oils. Use Ouai’s Detox Shampoo to give your hair and scalp a thorough cleanse once a week, or fortnight. It leaves your hair feeling lighter and fresher.


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Posted: Monday, 07 November 2022

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