How To Enhance Your Natural Lashes

How To Enhance Your Natural Lashes
Longer, stronger, thicker lashes is something a lot of us dream of. We'll happily invest in a new mascara if it promises to provide thicker eyelashes at the sweep of a wand. Is it possible to enhance our natural lashes sans mascara though? We caught up with two expert makeup artists, including Lisa Potter-Dixon to find out what insider tricks they employ to achieve longer lashes. From investing in an eye lash curler to applying your eyeliner in a specific way, the experts didn't disappoint and shared more than a couple of need-to-know hacks.

Don't worry, we've also included our edit of the best mascaras for lash-lengthening and our favourite false eyelashes. Read on to discover our five step guide.

The Best Tips to Grow and Get Thicker Lashes

Step 1: Black Eyeliner for a fuller lash line

If your lashes are sparse or you sometimes have a hard time applying mascara to the root of your lashes, this eyeliner trick is for you. Following your lash line, apply a thin layer of black eyeline to create the look of a fuller lash line and more vibrant lashes from the root. To create this look, use a well-sharpened black kohl eyeliner, such as Charlotte Tilbury Rock 'n' Kohl Eyeliner, € 15,01 or Sweed Satin Kohl Eyeliner, € 24,00 and draw a subtle line following the root of your lashes.

Step 2: Curl Lashes

A lash curler, like Hourglass Lash Curler, € 35,00 and Laura Mercier Eyelash Curler, € 29,00, is a great investment to make, no matter what type of look you’re trying to achieve. Whether you’re wearing mascara or not on that day, curling your lashes instantly makes a difference in your look. “There is no doubt about it, curling your lashes can make a huge difference and everyone should be doing it,” says makeup artist Arif Khan. “Whether you have straight lashes or a slight kink, using an eyelash curler will make your eyes look bigger and brighter.”

The trick is to, “try to get as close to the base of your lash line as possible and gently squeeze the curler closed,” says Arif. His extra tip: “If you are using them daily you should be replacing your eyelash curler once a year to achieve the best results.”

Step 3: Black Mascara

This might be the most important step that can make or break the look. Finding a good mascara that holds a curl, gives your lashes the right amount volume and length can be hard to find, so make sure you choose wisely.

Whatever you do, don’t leave your bottom lashes until lash. “People tend to look up when they do they’re bottom lashes and if your top lashes are wet you’ll transfer mascara to your eyelid,” says renowned makeup artist Lisa Potter-Dixon.

It’s also important to use the full length of the mascara wand. “Hold the wand horizontally to coat the topside of your lashes and then the underside,” Lisa advises. “Turn the wand vertically and use the tip to flick out your outer lashes and coat the tiny, sometimes fair lashes at the inner corner of your eyes. This will elongate the shape of your eyes, making them look bigger.”

Step 4: Individual lashes

When it comes to adding false lashes, the key is to keep it as natural-looking as possible, they need to blend in with your natural lashes. The key is to add lash clusters or individual lashes, they’re the perfect add-on to fill in any sparse areas, especially if you used to wear extensions. We love Sweed No Lash Cluster 10mm, € 26,00 and Sweed The Signature No Lash Lash, € 27,50.

Step 5: Lash Serum

Last but not least, the best way to enhance and get thicker lashes is by taking care of them, just like you would take care of your hair or your brows. One of the side effects of wearing lash extensions is that your natural lashes tend to be thinner. Thankfully, lash serums are here to save the day with formulas to nourish and boost your lash growth. We love the new Augustinus Bader The Eyebrow and Lash Enhancing Serum, € 145,00.

Our Final Thoughts on How to Get Thicker Lashes

If you stay away from lash extensions long enough, your lashes will naturally grow back, you just need to trust the process. In the meantime, make sure you’re choosing the right products to achieve that full-lash look and remember to hydrate those lashes everyday for a naturally thicker look.

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Posted: Wednesday, 21 September 2022

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