6 Beauty Buys To Help You Channel Your Best Goblin Mode

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Finally, there is an attainable version of Hygge or TikTok’s #ThatGirl for those of us who can’t be bothered to swap flat whites for herbal teas and choose yoga over a boxset marathon, let alone consider getting up at 6am to stretch or meditate. If you’ve failed to get onboard with a virtuous self-care routine, goblin mode could be your kind of down-time – in fact, you might already be tapping into unknowingly.

What Is Goblin Mode?

The dictionary definition of goblin mode is “a type of behaviour which is unapologetically self-indulgent, lazy, slovenly, or greedy, typically in a way that rejects social norms or expectations”. Think lazy Sundays spent in tracksuit bottoms, playing PS5 or binge watching the latest Netflix show without feeling guilty about ‘bettering yourself’.

The term has actually been around for a few years but resurfaced on social media earlier this year as a defiance against returning to pre-pandemic life. Goblin mode recently made headlines when it was voted Oxford English Dictionary’s word of 2022 by the public.

What's Goblin Mode Got To Do With Our Beauty Routine?

It simply means, you do you. If you don't want to put on a full face of makeup, don't. If you don't feel like brushing your hair, don't. Cancel the appointment for a seasonal 'tweakment' top-up and embrace you. This might sound like we're backtracking here, but we've collated a handful of beauty products that we've enjoyed whilst in goblin mode. Don't worry, they require minimal effort and offer maximum results.

The Best Goblin Mode Beauty Products



No. 3 Hair Perfector, N/A

If You Love Your Curling Tongs…
Apply Olaplex’s bestselling pre-shampoo treatment to damp hair and let it work its magic while you binge season 2 of White Lotus all afternoon. The brand’s patented technology helped to repair the bond in your hair that are often weakened by heated styling and colouring.



Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, € 114,00

If You Dream Of Thicker Brows and Lashes…
When a product has been designed by ophthalmologists and approved by dermatologists, you know you’re in safe hands. Revitalash is well known in beauty circles for helping to bolster the look and feel of lashes and brows. With the help of a BioPeptin Complex, B vitamins and amino acids, this oil-free formula helps to condition and strengthen your lashes. It does require consistent application though.



PoshPeel PediCure 4 Pack, € 27,60

If You’re In Need Of A Pedi…
It’s so easy to forget your feet when they’re cocooned in socks and tights for most of the day. These nifty socks are soaked in a cocktail of exfoliating AHAs and BHA to slough away dry, dead skin. We’re obsessed with them.


Farmacy Beauty

Honey Potion Plus Mask, € 42,55

If Your Skin Feels Dry…
Reach for Farmacy’s honey face mask to rehydrate and revive skin. The formula is packed with ceramides and niacinamide to help hydrate, nourish, and strengthen your skin barrier. While the instructions suggest washing it off after 15 minutes, we’ve been known to complete at least four levels of Overcooked before making it to the sink (and anyone who’s played it will know that means at least 1.5 hours).



Purifying Mask, € 28,00

If Your Skin Feels Congested…
Caudalie’s Purifying Mask will help loosen and draw out blocked pores without leaving your skin feeling tight. If you can muster the energy, apply this just before you jump into the shower, the steam will help open up pores.


Floral Street

Santal Candle, € 45,00

If You Want To Create An Ambience…
You can be slovenly and still have ambience. With a warming base of vanilla beans, cedarwood and patchouli, this dreamy fragrance is the candle equivalent to your softest, cosiest loungewear.


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Posted: Friday, 06 January 2023

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