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Why we’re changing our mindset towards our skin rather than our routine this year…

After the debacle of last year, who doesn’t want to step into 2021 with the mantra: ‘out with the old, in with the new’ or a little ‘new year, new you’ energy? That said, in terms of beauty, the idea of radically rethinking our routine and pursuing the flawless filtered complexion we’ve spent years lusting over thanks to our social media feeds feels exhausting For all its faults, 2020 taught us a lot about our routines and our skin. Most of us are more willing to forgive a smattering of fine lines if we could ensure our healthy glow translates through the lens on the endless Zoom calls. So, this year, rather than embracing the usual January clichés and Marie Kondo-ing our bathroom cabinet, we want to change our mindset, build on our experiences and maybe, just maybe, embrace the skin we live in - flaws n’all.

With this in mind, for The Real Skin Issue, we asked three women to share their skin stories, including Dr. Mahto’s battle with acne and Kathleen Baird-Murray on the effects of peri-menopausal ageing. Beauty journalist Katy Young explores how our idea of the ‘perfect skin’ has changed and Drunk Elephant’s Tiffany Masterson shares her glow-up routine. We’ve also jam-packed the issue with practical advice on how to supercharge your existing routine, the essentials that will elevate your bodycare ritual, and we’ve asked the experts to answer those niggling skincare questions you’re too self-conscious to ask.

We hope you enjoy!

Victoria x

Illustration by Flow So Flow and directed by Wendy Tee. https://flowsofly.art/

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