Makeup Removers

Makeup removers do exactly that, remove every trace of makeup from your skin. A good makeup remover will take off long-wearing makeup, including eyeliner, mascara, and foundation. Like cleansers, makeup removers come in a variety of formats, including micellar waters, makeup cleansing balms, and oil-based makeup removers. Our top tip: oil and balm-based makeup removers are particularly good for stubborn makeup.

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56 Results
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Tolerance Cleanser
Natura Bissé
€ 59,80
Cleanse Sublime Micellar Makeup Remover
Rose Inc
€ 30,00
Thermal Cleansing Balm
€ 69,00
Vit C Brightening Pads
€ 56,35
Fermented Camellia Creamy Cleansing Oil
€ 25,30
Purifying Cream Cleanser
€ 97,75
Le Make Off
€ 39,00
Bee Venom Cleansing Balm
€ 51,75
Osmoclean Micellar Cleansing Oil
Institut Esthederm
€ 38,00
Sea You Cleansing Balm
Conserving Beauty
€ 34,50
Crystal Micellar Water Eyes Face
€ 143,75
Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm
€ 56,35
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A makeup remover works similarly to a cleanser and removes oils and debris, but it is absolutely not a replacement for your usual face wash. They’re formulated with ingredients that break down your makeup so you should use your makeup remover before cleansing to get rid of long-wearing, full-coverage formulations, such as concealer and foundation, that your facial cleanser might struggle with.

Makeup removers are water-based or oil-based. The type of formula you choose will be determined by the type of makeup you’re wearing (check your makeup’s INCI list to be sure). Oil-based makeup removers, like balms or liquid oils, break down oil-based makeup and remove waterproof makeup, while water-based makeup removers effectively dilute the components of water-based makeup so they can be rinsed away.

Aside from the ingredients breaking down your makeup for easy removal, the best makeup removers also contain skincare actives and moisturisers to nourish, balance, and protect your skin. Common oils include jojoba, sweet almond, and grape seed oil which help to restore your skin’s moisture levels and deliver antioxidant protection. Sensitive skin? Look for makeup removers that contain centella and sunflower oil, as these help ease inflammation and redness.

Everyone can use a makeup remover, but you should choose a formula that best suits your skin type. Sensitive skin will benefit from a soothing balm or oil that contains calming ingredients such as turmeric and moringa to help wipe away stubborn makeup while supporting your skin’s barrier, keeping inflammation at bay and reducing moisture loss. Meanwhile, dull and lacklustre skin could benefit from formulas containing exfoliating fruit extracts, like papaya.

Use a makeup remover at the start of your evening skincare routine and follow with a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Whether you’re using an oil-based or water-based formula, apply to dry skin. Watery formulations can be swiped over your skin with a cotton round, while balms and oils should be massaged in. Pay attention to your hair line and lashes.