How To Get Your Best-Ever Legs

best summer legs

The warmer weather means more skin on show so if your legs aren’t feeling summer-ready, listen up. From how to hydrate and smooth dry and dull skin, to the best fake tans for transforming winter-weary legs, and even some energising leg workouts, here’s your ultimate guide to getting perfect pins…

Start With A Body Scrub

The first step towards getting your legs ready is a good scrub. Not only will it help slough away dead skin that causes legs to become flaky and take on a grey pallor, it helps prevent unsightly ingrown hairs, while the stimulation encourages better circulation. Try massaging Herbivore’s Amethyst Body Scrub into damp skin to help improve skin texture and banish any dryness or dullness. Not only do the crushed amethyst stones provide a seriously good exfoliation, but the virgin coconut oil, jojoba seed and meadowfoam oils help to nourish and hydrate too.


Try Body Brushing

Aside from a weekly manual scrub it’s a good idea to get into the habit of daily body brushing. Just a few swift strokes towards your heart encourages the removal of toxins, discourages fluid retention that can cause puffiness, and promotes softer skin. Read more about the benefits of dry body brushing here.

Use A Hydrating Body Moisturiser

Boost the skin even further with a nourishing body cream or lotion to really lock-in hydration and give a smoother, soften finish. Sol de Janeiro’s Brazilian Bum Bum Cream not only moisturises and nourishes thanks to its nutrient-packed formula of cupuaçu butter, coconut oil, açaí oil, guayusa and Brazil nut, it also helps to tighten the skin for a firmer and more radiant appearance. Cupuaçu Butter is one of the best ingredients to improve your skin’s moisture barrier and make your skin look beautiful,” says Camila Pierotti, founding partner of Sol de Janeiro. “It’s a superfood that is rich in fatty acids and antioxidants,” she adds. You’ll love the sweet smelling summer scent too. If there’s ever a feel-good summer staple, it’s this.


Fake A Sun-Kissed Glow

With summer holidays postponed, you’ll probably want to fake than sun-kissed and just-back-from holiday glow and with soft and smooth skin, you’ve got the perfect base for a layer of self-tan. Amanda Harrington’s Body Mousse is a firm favourite of ours for creating a natural-looking tan. Rather than applying with a mitt or glove, try Amanda’s Body Brush. It really helps to create an even tan with no streaks. You also won’t experience any unwanted patchiness as it fades thanks to the hydrating formula which is packed with aloe vera. You can read our full review of this tanning hero here

Get Moving

To maintain toned, taut legs throughout the summer and beyond, founder of Workshop Gymnasium Lee Mullins, recommends introducing leg-focused exercises to your regular workouts, such as a single side leg planks, kettlebell swings and reverse lunges off a step. “For the reverse lunges begin with both feet standing on a low platform or step, with hands on hips and body upright. With your right leg slowly step backwards off the step and drop into a reverse lunge. Sit deep into the lunge so that your hips are lower than the front knee. Then stand up and return your back leg to the start position. Repeat this 8-10 times with the right leg before switching to the left leg.” To maximise your new regime try and avoid including too much and salt and processed food, and instead opt for food which will support your svelte new legs. “Some of my favourite foods to help with reducing fluid retention are asparagus, onions, leafy greens, beets and garlic”, says Lee.