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Best Luxury Candles Under £50 | Space NK
The best scented candles are the ones that provide a moment of escapism. Within minutes of lighting, the scent transforms your home and eases any feelings of anxiety and uncertainty. Depending on your choice of fragrance, the candle might take you back to that holiday in Mykonos where you enjoyed a long, lazy lunch and watched the waves roll in, or it could mimic an open fireplace and make a dark, damp Tuesday evening feel warm and cosy.

All of the best scented candles are perfectly balanced to fill a room without overwhelming it. When it comes to choosing the scent, it’s worth considering which room you’re most likely to use it in too – we’ve created a guide on how to fragrance your home based on the rooms to help you.

You’ll be pleased to learn that some of the best scented candles don’t always come with the highest price tag. In fact, there are plenty of luxury candles under £50. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, a friend or family, we’ve listed our favourite luxury candles. They’re all full size, cost less than £50, and have the most incredible scents that really do provide that pure, unadulterated escapism. All you need to decide is where you want to go…

Best Luxury Candles Under £50


Space NK

Balearic Sundown, $45.00

Relax and enjoy the sunset…
…in the Balearics while you sip your cocktail of choice. Trust us when we say, this scented candle will transport you back to your summer holiday and those relaxed, balmy evenings with its blend of rose, hemp and cedarwood.


Floral Street

Fireplace Candle, $49.50

Cosy up to a warm fireplace…
…whether you have one or not. Floral Street’s aptly named Fireplace Candle evokes all the essential elements from the crackling wood to the subtle smokiness. All you need to bring is the cosy blanket to snug under.


Boy Smells

Lanai Scented Candle, N/A

Escape to a tropical island…
…no passport required. Let the notes of creamy coconut, orange blossom and pink peppercorn evoke all the exotic feels of far-flung lands where the sun always shines, and the beach is never too far away. Boy Smells Lanai Scented Candle is one of our all-time favourites for when we’re craving a holiday as the scent is so on point you can almost feel the sand between your toes.


Space NK

Tuscan Vines, $45.00

Explore the Italian countryside …
…from the rolling hills to the acres of vineyards. Tuscan Vines brings the fresh earthiness to life in the most elegant way with a blend of tomato leaf, pine needles and cedarwood. It’s one of the best scented candles for the kitchen in our opinion.


Space NK

Sahara Dusk, $45.00

Seek out some adventure…
…and warmer weather with this Saharan Desert inspired scent. While amber and sandalwood provide the warmth, cardamom, cinnamon leaf and black pepper brings a twist of the unexpected.


Clean Reserve

Fresh Linens Candle, N/A

Cocoon yourself in comfort…
…with the scent of freshly laundered linen. Is there a more comforting scent? We think not. This dreamy, creamy sandalwood candle fills the room with the most soothing scent that you can’t help but relax and let the tension in your shoulders and jaw release.


Space NK

Mykonos Blue, $45.00

Relax by the coast…
…in Mykonos with this clever blend of sea salt, basil and fresh seaweed. You can almost feel the warm, gentle breeze as the waves roll in and out.


Space NK

Shimmering Spice Candle, N/A

Get into the festive spirit
It might be too early for some, but if you want to kick start the festivities there really is only one scented candle to invest in: Shimmering Spice. A Christmas classic, this candle wafts the smell of cinnamon and spice around your home to help everyone get into the festive spirit.


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