Can At-Home Beauty Gadgets Deliver Professional Results?

Can At-Home Beauty Gadgets Deliver Professional Results?

Missing your regular facials and professional skin treatments? Us too… but thankfully there are several innovative skincare tools that can help supercharge your existing routine and deliver real results at home. Which device should you go for though and are they worth the price tag? Here’s everything you need to know…

Are At-Home Skincare Tools As Effective As Professional Treatments?

“This really depends on the gadget in question,” says doctor, skin specialist and founder of SKNDOCTOR, Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe. “Generally speaking, at-home devices aren’t as effective as professional devices as the latter aren’t suitable for public use and need to be administered by trained specialists.” All is not lost though and Dr. Ewoma doesn’t recommend disregarding at-home gadgets completely: “You can get great results from some of them as the technology is similar to professional treatments and they can be a good way to maintain the results achieved in between appointments.”

Consistency is key when it comes to getting results from at-home tools. Incorporate them into your routine regularly rather than ad-hoc. While the technology has improved in recent years, they take longer to achieve the desired results than professional treatments do.

Dr. Dennis Gross

Spectralite Bodyware Pro, € 499,00

The Best Gadget For Body Concerns
Following the success of the brand’s much-loved LED face mask, Dr Dennis Gross has introduced a similar device that works on the rest of your body. It uses a combination of both red and blue light to treat wrinkles, acne and dark spots in just three minutes and helps alleviate mild pain when on the longer 14-minute setting.

The Verdict: “At first I was a little sceptical about how this would work on different areas of the body, but it was surprisingly easy thanks to its ability to mould and bend for a comfortable fit. My main goal was to tackle a few dark, sun-induced spots on my chest and after just a few weeks of regular use, I saw a definite improvement. I look forward to seeing what else it can do for me!” - Victoria Hall, Beauty Editor



Luna 3 Plus Cleansing System for Normal Skin, N/A

The Best Gadget For Deep Cleansing
This is a great all-rounder that suits all skin types and helps to give a deep cleanse and improve the absorption of the rest of your products. “The Luna blasts away dirt, oil and makeup in just one minute while also clearing away dead skin cells,” says Foreo’s Head of Education, Chris Luckham. “It’s made out of silicone, so it doesn’t hold on to any bacteria like other materials would.”

The Verdict:“For over a year now, I’ve been using this religiously every night. I love that it works with any cleanser and my skin feels noticeably cleaner compared to when I don’t use it. One of the biggest differences I’ve noticed is how much clearer my skin is, I get far fewer breakouts and bumps under the skin. The facial massage it gives is also very calming, especially as part of my night-time routine.” - Violetta Anissimova, Trainer & Digital Content Creator



Trinity Complete Facial Toning Kit, € 594,00

The Best Gadget For Lifting and Firming
When it comes to anti-ageing devices, the NuFACE tools are up there with the best. This one comes with three different attachments to offer powerful treatments, including the Facial Trainer to sculpt and define your facial contours using microcurrents, the Effective Lip & Eye to target your lip and brow areas, and the Wrinkle Reducer which uses light therapy to smooth fine lines and wrinkles.

The Verdict:“This is the ultimate at-home face lift and essential for anyone looking for instant, visible results. It tackles various signs of ageing, including ageing skin, droopy tired eyes and frown lines. I recommend doing one side of your face first and taking a selfie, so you can see the impact - it’s magic. Much like working out, you need to stick to a routine and use it regularly to see results. Make sure you use it alongside the app to really nail your technique. I like to use mine over a water-based sheet mask (try La Mer, Eve Lom or Sarah Chapman) to double the benefits simultaneously. Overall, this is a super luxurious home treatment that I wouldn’t be without.” - Margaret Mitchell, Chief Merchandising Officer


Dr. Dennis Gross

DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro, € 499,00

The Best LED Light Therapy Gadget
Inspired by the professional lasers used in the Dr Dennis Gross clinics, this much-loved, medical-grade facial mask is your fast-track to a brighter, clearer and more youthful-looking complexion. It uses a combination of red and blue LED light therapy which can be used alone or together. While red light supports elastin and collagen production to help firm and plump your skin, the blue works to combat acne and breakouts.

The Verdict:“The beauty of LED and light therapy masks is that they offer multiple skin benefits, but for me, I was sold at ‘acne-fighting’. After struggling with hormonal acne for several years and having had some professional-grade LED treatments (which certainly helped), I decided to give this a go during lockdown. I use every morning on cleansed skin for three minutes and over the past three weeks, my skin has become noticeably less inflamed and my breakouts are much more manageable. It’s easy to justify the somewhat hefty price tag when you consider the cost of monthly professional treatments and this is a life-long investment in my eyes.” - Samantha Nice, Beauty Writer


Sarah Chapman

Pro Pore Refiner, € 160,00

The Best Extraction Gadget For Congested Pores
“I created this device to allow my clients to experience professional results from home and it’s ideal for tackling congestion, including blackheads, and the more recent issue of maskne,” says brand founder, Sarah Chapman. “This intelligent tool uses ultrasonic vibrations and ionic technology to break down impurities beneath the skin’s surface and cleanse pores.”

The Verdict:“This pore refiner mimics the professional extraction techniques you’d experience at your usual salon treatment such as thermo-therapy, ionic cleansing, ultrasonic vibrations and targeted suction to purify pores and leave skin feeling thoroughly cleansed and glowy. This is a staple in my routine for exactly that reason and I’ve been using it every evening on clean skin. It works in three different stages to open the pores, loosen any congestion and then remove it. I love that I can get a professional result by simply visiting my own bathroom. My skin looks noticeably clearer and much more radiant.” - Felicity Padbury, Copy & Editorial Manager

Posted: Thursday, 25 February 2021

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