Roxie Nafousi

We chatted to influencer, yoga teacher and emotional health advisor Roxie Nafousi about her perfect Sunday wind down, how positive affirmations set her up for the week ahead plus we discover all about the power of visualisation. Roxie also reveals her love of serums, a sunrise coffee run with her family and new son Wolfe and why she never appreciated a bath until she became a mother. Read on to discover more…

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The Wind Down

My Sundays are a day of relaxation. I might go out for a roast but if I’m not going out or drinking, I’ll always exercise. I think it’s one of the best times to do it as you’re not in a rush, so I can walk to my class and take the time to stretch out properly afterwards. I’m obsessed with spinning, yoga, strength training and Ass & Abs classes. At the moment I’m doing this class called Cari Fit, it’s a workout where you strap your baby onto you during the class and after thirty minutes, you’re absolutely exhausted – it’s really intense!

My wind down begins around 5pm. I always light candles and incense to create a relaxing atmosphere. Usually I go for something that smells a bit sexy and is sweet and vanilla-y or an oud. Diptyque is one of my favourites, and I always choose something that’s a bit intense as opposed to a floral. I light a candle before I have a shower so when I step out the scent has filled the whole room, which is heavenly. Byredo’s Body Washes are great for the morning or I love This Works Energy Bank Shower Gel. After showering, I’ll apply Aurelia’s Dry Body Oil, it sinks in quickly and leaves a healthy sheen but doesn’t feel oily. Before I had a baby, I never used to like baths but now it’s the ultimate indulgence, ten minutes of peace and quiet! Bath salts help me to relax, I’ve tried Ren’s Magnesium Salts and Herbivores Calm Bath Salts. Usually I’ll read a book or listen to a podcast while in the bath, the Goop podcast is incredible. A book I find so inspiring and always recommend to people is Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway. On Sundays I host a Q&A on my Instagram stories @roxienafousi called Agony Aunt Sundays, so I’ll make time to answer questions and reply to my followers after my bath. I’m obsessed with pyjamas – I practically live in them! I think I might actually have more pyjamas than clothes so after showering I change straight into them.

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The Routine

For me, skincare is an act of meditation. My routine is the same everyday but I switch up my products to suit how my skin is feeling. I get so excited when I’m nearing the end of a product as it means I have the opportunity to try a new one. Masks are a big part of my routine, Omorovicza’s Mud Mask is good to treat skin or the 111Skin Rose Gold Treatment Mask for hydration. I like that you can still do other jobs while wearing one, sometimes my boyfriend and I will wear one at the same time or I will watch TV or file my nails.

I only ever wear waterproof mascara because it lasts so much longer and the pigment is darker, so the first thing I have to do in my routine is take it off with a specific remover. My trick is to soak an Eyeko Makeup Wipe with Laura Mercier’s Dual Action Makeup Remover and that just helps it slip away. For my cleanser at the moment I’m using Votary’s Cleansing Oil and Kiehl’s Facial Cleanser. I change up my serum depending on what my skin needs. A couple I love are Sisley’s Hydra-Global Serum, La Mer Regenerating Serum and 111Skin Rose Gold Booster. I’ve also just finished my Caudalie Vinoperfect Radiance Serum, which I really recommend for any pigmentation. For eyes, I love the La Mer Eye Concentrate, which is lightweight and nourishing.

Body confidence was something I really battled during my pregnancy. I gained 30kgs and it was a huge journey for me personally, so now I’m working hard to get back to full fitness. The way you talk to yourself is really important, so to help I listen to positive body affirmations on YouTube before bed.

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I’m lucky as my hair is naturally long and thick, but it’s super curly. I mostly have blow dries as I find the results last well on me, Clo and Flo salon and John Frieda are both great. In between I look after my hair, particularly making sure any dry ends are properly nourished. The Living Proof Volume Spray is a total game-changer. It works like a hairspray, adds lots of volume and movement but it’s not at all sticky. I try and apply the Ouai Hair Oil overnight and then I’ll wash it off in the morning and my hair feels a lot silkier and smoother.


A proper night’s sleep is essential, I need about 8 hours a night ideally. I go to bed early, around 9.15pm. I keep my Slip Eye Mask at the ready, I never used to wear one but I’ve realised the darkness really helps. I also mist on the This Works Pillow Spray. I always try and finish the day by practising something full of self-love. Whether it’s listening to a podcast or affirmations or writing in my gratitude diary, it helps me go to sleep in a positive mindset. I meditate every day, whether it’s a taking some focused breaths or something a little longer it really helps to calm the mind. The end of the week is the perfect opportunity to reset again for the week ahead. I try and think of Sunday not as the end of one week but as the start of another, to take a new outlook and make a new resolution and goals for the week ahead. I’m always excited to start working again when the new week comes around.

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Monday Morning

I never set an alarm, I naturally wake up at around 5.30am or 6am. I really value that time in the morning to just to ease into the week, decompress and have my morning coffee. We have a new family ritual, which is Wade, Wolfe and I go for a morning coffee run at 6.30am. I pull on a massive snuggly hoodie, leggings and then we head out. It’s only 20 minutes but it’s a lovely way to start the day with a walk and some fresh air. For breakfast I have avocado with mushrooms or a healthy, green smoothie. Positive visualisation is huge for me. I always start the week by picturing what I want to do, who I want to have seen and what I want to have achieved by the end of the week and it helps to keep me focused.

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