4 Easy Summer Body Hacks

4 Easy Summer Body Hacks
It’s so easy to neglect the skin on our body. Especially when it’s hidden under ankle-skimming, wrist-reaching garments for 80% of the year. So, when the British sun does begin to blare, or an impromptu holiday is booked, we rejoice, then panic. Why? Because under all that fabric, our body is covered with hints of year-round body neglect. We’re talking flakey calves, rough elbows, bacne (that’s back acne), and - for some of us - an unshakable fear of looking ‘pasty’. Now, we know these aren’t serious issues, but when a lack of confidence in our own skin prevents us from showing off our bodily assets, we say it’s worth doing something about that. As Tan-Luxe founder Marc Elrick puts it,“Your skin is the body’s largest organ – and yet we invest so much on only one tiny patch of it. It’s so important to show the same love to all our skin.” But nine times out of ten, we’re in a hurry.

That’s where our overnight body saviours come in - a stash of instant exfoliators, body moisturisers and fast-working self-tans that we reach for to re-boost our confidence when baring a bit of flesh. Do these products act more as a cover up than a true problem solver? Absolutely. Would adding regular body exfoliation, hydration and protection into our weekly routine give us better results? No doubt about it. But when you’re against the clock and warmer days are already here, these four hacks are certain to get you summer ready in no time.

Want to level up on your commitment to summer-ready skin? Adopt this four-step trick weekly, and we mean every week (yes, even on the rainiest of days) and trust us - you’ll be longing for a chance to get those limbs out.

Hack 1: Turn Up The Glow

Summer holidays might be hold for a while, but achieving a healthy, bronzed glow is still possible. One of the biggest concerns when DIY-ing your tan is going too dark or ending up an unnatural shade of orange. The answer? The genius drops from Tan-Luxe that help you to create a buildable, bespoke level of colour, so you only go as dark as you want.

Simply pipette from one to three drops of the Tan-Luxe The Body Illuminating Tan Drops, $60.00 into your regular lotion or moisturiser daily for an all-over everyday glow. Add extra drops as desired until you’ve mastered your perfect shade. For the most natural effect, make sure you prepare before application by thoroughly exfoliating skin, particularly on elbows and knees and use an oil-free moisturiser to help maintain your tan for longer. If you’re more of mousse fan and want a natural glow in one hit, try Amanda Harrington Body Illuminating Bronzing Mousse, $22.80.

Hack 2: Dry Body Brush For Luminous Skin

There is no better confidence boost than feeling your limbs are smooth, soft and radiant. One of the best ways to encourage a lit-from-within glow is by dry body brushing. With this one practise you can enjoy myriad benefits including: exfoliating dead skin cells, freeing ingrown hairs, helping healthy circulation and ridding your system of toxins through the lymphatic system. The cost to benefit ratio is high – a vigorous five minutes a day will do you a world of good and a quality brush won’t break the bank either, making it one of the most cost-efficient ways to invest in your body.

Sold? Try Aromatherapy Associates Polishing Body Brush, $36.50 and incorporate it into your regimen just before your shower or bath. Using long strokes brush upwards over dry skin, working your way up from your feet towards your heart. Your limbs should feel slightly tingly and have a flush to them afterwards thanks to the boost in circulation.

Hack 3: The Speedy At-Home Pedi

Salons might be open, but if you want to give your feet a once-over beforehand, we highly recommend the revolutionary Patchology PoshPeel Pedi Cure Foot Treatment, $20.00. All it requires is putting your feet up for up to ninety minutes while they’re tucked into a pair of foot masque socks. To activate simply pour the essence containing a blend of four potent acids: glycolic, salicylic, lactic and citric, into the socks to deeply exfoliate dead skin and roughness, and then rinse once time is up. The results take up to seven days to come into effect, so for maximum effect allow up to one week before any events to reveal your most gloriously baby-soft feet yet. We’ve been finishing our at-home pedis with a lick of .

Hack 4: Banish Dry Skin

You don’t have to go away for a spa weekend to treat your body to some intensive TLC. In fact, there are several hardworking treatments you can use at home to enjoy the same skin smoothing results. For those who suffer from very dry or flaky skin, will help magic away patches of dead skin or roughness to reveal fresh and glowing skin beneath. To help boost cell regeneration and reduce fine lines and wrinkles, look to Dr. Barbara Sturm Anti-Aging Hand Cream, $65.00, which is infused with vitamin C to reveal smoother, more supple skin. If your concern is backne or blemishes, try using a to gentle exfoliant to help unblock pores.

Posted: Friday, 06 May 2022