Is Emma Lewisham Skincare Worth The Investment?

Is Emma Lewisham Skincare Worth The Investment?
There are a lot of skincare brands out there and it’s tricky to know which ones are worth the investment. Will a £100 serum really deliver better results than a £10 formula, or are we being fooled by luxury packaging and good marketing? Emma Lewisham skincare is one of the few brands that has managed to really grab my attention in the 12 years I’ve been writing about beauty.

The story of Emma Lewisham skincare doesn’t sound too dissimilar to other beauty brands, but the end result couldn’t be more different. When New Zealand based Emma Lewisham was pregnant, she struggled to find natural skincare that delivered results, especially when it came to pigmentation. With a degree in science and business and having made it to the C-suite at a global Japanese tech company, Emma decided to turn her inquisitive nature to skincare.

It took her and her team of scientists three years to develop three products. Alongside perfecting the formulas, Emma also researched sustainable options and developed a circular business model. This not only ensured Emma Lewisham skincare received B Corp status, but also a shout out from Dame Jane Goodall DBE.

Why We Love Emma Lewisham

It is genuinely hard to find fault with any aspect of Emma Lewisham – except perhaps the price. However, if you’re going to invest in a luxury skincare brand, Emma Lewisham skincare is absolutely worth consideration. This is a brand that has invested in research, studying the skin’s physiology to find out everything you need to know about pigmentation, breakouts and ageing.

The research, the time and the dedication that has gone into each and every formula is obvious, not just in the look and feel of the brand, but the results. These are products that you’ll try once and find it very hard to use anything else – there’s a reason why refills are the brand’s bestsellers. So, in answer to the original question: is Emma Lewisham worth the investment? You bet!

The Best Emma Lewisham Skincare Products


Emma Lewisham

Skin Reset Serum, € 80,00

The Skin Reset Serum is the jewel in Emma Lewisham’s crown and the product you should invest in if you want to dip your toe in. It took 57 iterations to perfect the formula, which promises to tackle pigmentation at all the necessary touchpoints to ensure it is treated and prevented. The texture, the scent and a fuss-free pump packaging makes it feel luxe, but it’s the smoother, softer, brighter looking complexion that will keep you going back.


Emma Lewisham

Supernatural Face Crème Riche, € 88,00

Emma Lewisham’s Supernatural Face Crème Riche has been described as providing a ‘real-life Benjamin Button’ effect. While the rich cream might feel super thick, it melts into your skin and feels deceivingly light. The Emma Lewisham Illuminating Day Crème, € 68,01 has a similar texture, but the pinky face cream leaves your skin with a subtle glow.


Emma Lewisham

Illuminating Oil Cleanser, € 44,01

As someone who prefers cleansing milks, I have been converted to Emma Lewisham’s Cleansing Oil. It cleanses skin effortlessly (removing makeup too), but it doesn’t leave that oily film behind. What is does leave behind is antioxidants that will help protect the skin for up to eight hours. The Cleansing Oil took 20 iterations and has become the brand’s third bestselling product for good reason.


Emma Lewisham

Illuminating Exfoliant, € 44,01

Taking a three-pronged approach to exfoliation, the Illuminating Exfoliant leaves your skin feeling soft, smooth and hydrated. Yes, hydrated. The clever formula contains chemical and physical exfoliants. The latter jojoba wax spheres that melt into skin rather than causing micro tears. It’s gentle enough to use two to three times a week depending on your skin type.


Emma Lewisham

Skin Reset Eye Crème, € 68,01

Just like the Supernatural Riche Crème, Emma Lewisham’s Skin Reset Eye Crème has an almost balmy texture that melts into your skin without feeling heavy. Featuring next-generation CoQ10, this eye cream helps to boost your skin’s natural collagen production to strengthen, smooth and firm the delicate area. It feels incredibly indulgent and leaves your skin feeling soft and radiant.


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Posted: Monday, 04 September 2023

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