Nicola Elliott On The Importance Of Sleep

Nicola Elliott On The Importance Of Sleep
We all know sleep is important, but few of us manage to switch off after a long day and prioritise getting enough hours. NEOM’s founder, Nicola Elliott takes sleep very seriously and has discovered a few tricks that work for her. Read on to discover her top tips that will probably make you re-think your nightly routine…

Self-Care Is A Necessity Not A Luxury

Nothing affects how you look or feel as much as sleep - or lack of it - and to me, rituals are everything. I have banned the word ‘me-time’ in the NEOM office as taking time to relax, unwind, pause and reboot is so important for our health and wellbeing. That’s why I believe self-care is a necessity and should not be thought of as a luxury. In this busy world, if we don’t take some time-out to wind down, we don’t feel like the best versions of ourselves.

Self-care means different things to different people. For me, it’s a hot bath, a flickering candle, a great skincare regimen (which usually involves the , Patchology Chill Mode Eye Gels, € 12,00 and the Tan-Luxe The Face Illuminating Tan Drops, € 48,00 for a healthy glow the next morning) and a good book. Sleep is something I place quite high on my priority list as I really feel it if I’ve had a bad night. I notice a lack of energy, low mood and increased stress levels. If you can nail a good sleeping routine, you’ll be off to a good start from the moment you wake up.

The Power Of Essential Oils

Essential oils have an abundance of benefits when it comes to self-care, but they’re particularly good when it comes to sleep - especially lavender and chamomile. Lavender is a soothing oil and one which is usually considered the most popular for sleep and relaxation. Research into the consistent use of lavender suggests it helps to calm the nervous system by lowering blood pressure, heart rate and skin temperature, which makes it a no brainer for getting a good night’s sleep. Chamomile is another soothing scent that has anti-inflammatory properties and can promote relaxation. I choose to get my essential oil via bathing products and pillow mists. Right before I turn out the light, it’s a spritz (or four) of the Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist, € 27,00.

My Sleep-Inducing Routine

I am really big on routine - but even more so at bedtime. When my kids were little it was always ‘bath, book and bed’ and I pretty much follow that routine myself now. I like to keep the basics in check and switch off screens at a reasonable hour. Then I like to relax in the bath filled with Neom Bedtime Hero Bath Foam, € 30,00. After, I always use the Neom Perfect Night's Sleep Magnesium Body Butter, € 45,00 as magnesium is so good for helping you to relax. I’m also trying at the moment, which are formulated with St. John’s Wort and help to encourage relaxation.

My Own Sleep Pattern

I’m a pretty good sleeper and naturally to wake around 7am with no alarm - my kids will often do that for me. I find that if I’m travelling or away from home my sleep suffers. I always pack the Perfect Night’s Sleep On The Go Collection and a good book, as these help to recreate my usual routine. I’m currently reading Bryony Gordon’s new book Glorious Rock Bottom; Failsophy: A Handbook For When Things Go Wrong by Elizabeth Day; I Wish My Doctor Had Told Me This by Kate Chaytor-Norris; and I’m re-reading a favourite from Ryan Holiday called The Daily Stoic.

Posted: Friday, 18 December 2020

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