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The Clarity Concentrate
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The Clarity Concentrate

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Bring an end to breakouts with the 111Skin The Clarity Concentrate, a seven-day skincare program designed to target acne and blemishes for a smoother, flawless-looking complexion.

Created by renowned Harley Street plastic surgeon Dr Yannis in response to the rising cases of adult acne he was seeing in his clinic, the 111Skin The Clarity Concentrate is packed with key ingredients to address the common problems that occur in acne- and blemish-prone skin.

In this seven-day program, the treatment works to balance oil production while tightening the look of pores and soothing inflammation for calmer skin. Helping to protect against environmental aggressors, the treatment also leaves the skin feeling rejuvenated and promotes a clearer appearance.

Key Benefits

  • Designed for acne- and blemish-prone skin
  • Works to balance oil production
  • Tightens the look of pores
  • Soothes inflammation for calmer skin
  • Helps protect against environmental aggressors

SKU# UK300056708

Place the opener onto the ampoule and break away from the body. Dispense the solution into hands and apply onto the face and neck, patting gently in upward motions. Be sure to use the entire ampoule. Repeat day or night for 7 days alongside your usual skincare regime.

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Developed by renowned Harley Street cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Yannis Alexandrides, 111SKIN combines industry expertise, innovative formulations, and a deep understanding of the skin and how it works.


5 Reviews


Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews


Reviews: 1

August 28 2023

Ruined my necklace and hoops

I am only on day 3 and can’t say anything bad about the product for my skin, I’m already noticing a difference but a warning to anyone that uses it, yesterday I noticed my hoop earrings and brand new necklace were turning black. From searching on the internet, sulphur damages silver which is one of the key ingredients! Make sure you don’t wear silver jewellery during the week of treatment, my jewellery is ruined!

R. S.

Reviews: 1

Recommends this product: Yes

February 12 2023

A game-changing go-to treatment for break-outs and blemishes...

Most people who suffer from acne in any of its varied forms would say that it's incredibly frustrating to treat because (a) there's no 'magic bullet' that works for everyone (as there are several types of acne and each person's skin is different) and (b) there's virtually no instant gratification in doing so, even when the treatment itself is compatible; aside from the rare mild pimple that fades overnight, this is a game of patience and perseverance. And it's one that can become exceedingly costly...I had tried both 111Skin's 3 Phase Anti-Blemish Booster as well as the Anti-Blemish Bio Cellulose Masks before arriving at The Clarity Concentrate for my acne break-outs. (111Skin is a wonderful, intelligent brand and each product has its admirers -- I'd found my way to 111Skin during an early stage of the pandemic, when I was locked inside for weeks on end and had begun to experiment with sheet masks. The Y Theorem Bio Cellulose Masks were the finest masks I had ever-- or, probably, will ever--tried/try. Never had I used a skin product that literally changes your skin quality overnight, just as die-hards claimed; the Y Theorem masks made me glow and then some and won me over as a 111Skin devotee for life.) Again, as everyone knows, acne is, frustratingly, a highly personalized thing to treat and control, and for me, neither 111's 3 Phase Anti-Blemish Booster nor their Anti-Blemish Bio Cellulose Masks really succeeded in taming my skin's problematic outbursts or overall unclarity, whether just a pimple or two or a full-blown face full of fiery acne. I tried both of those products a few times and certainly felt that they didn't hurt...they simply weren't the so-called "cures" I'd been looking for all my life. Enter The Clarity Concentrate. I was a bit skeptical that, in one week, my skin could be significantly cleared and healed from a break-out, but after only two days (i.e. using two ampules), I was not only sold, I was convinced that I had found *the thing* to tame my acne, *the thing* I'd been searching for for literal decades. This was not a fluke. Over days 3-7, my acne not only continued to improve, but I also noticed that my skin was also healing as the pimples were disappearing. (This is really rare to find in a single product. In fact, the only other topical I've ever used that has had this dual effect has been a prescription retinol -- and that was after over six months of use. This was within one week!) The formula of the Concentrate itself left my skin glowing a bit after application (healthily, in a good way, not red or irritated) and smooth and soft. I've tried 3 of 111Skin's ampule concentrate products and this is, far and away, my favorite; I get the most efficacious, visible results, often during the course of the week I'm using it. It's absolutely worth the investment and, to that end, I've re-purchased it six times. In fact, I've now made it practice to always have a kit on-hand in my bathroom in case of an outbreak. Here are a few tips I've amassed during my use of The Clarity Concentrate (obviously, everyone is unique, so take or leave):- I think it's important to wash your face before application and not put anything else on over top of this product to get the optimal result. (I've experimented with putting a light moisturizer or serum on over the Concentrate at night a few times and, from experience, I believe that this works best on its own.) - Consistency is key; use it at the same time for each application, whether that's day or night. (There are advantages and disadvantages to each, but for many, especially women who wear makeup, I recommend using this at night because, as I mentioned, it really works best if you don't layer anything over it.)- Each ampule seems to contain an excess of product, but use all of it anyway. Most people can likely cover their faces with around half and ampule, but you really want to do a "second coating," so be certain to use the ampules in their entirety, guaranteeing the maximum amount of Concentrate is covering your face (and, if applicable, neck).

Mengjia S.

Location: United Kingdom

Reviews: 1

Recommends this product: Yes

March 20 2022




Location: London

Reviews: 1

Age: 30-45

Skin Type:: Combination

Recommends this product: Yes

March 11 2022

be careful

These ampules are working and everything is great except the fact that the recommendation to use it every day became extreme to my skin. Already on the morning of the third day my skin looked irritated and red, the skin was flaky and a bit painful. I had to stop using it to recover my skin to continue again. I finished using the ampules in 2-3 days, and now I can see a fresher, less dull skin.

Melody D.

Location: United States

Reviews: 1

Recommends this product: Yes

November 20 2021

Immediate Results

I’ve been really struggling with clogged pores, so I thought I’d try the Clarity Concentrate. After just two days of using these ampules, I can already see a difference in sebum production. The sebum that is already built up in my pores is becoming easier to extract and I haven’t had any oily breakthrough throughout the day. I can’t wait to see how my skin looks once I use the full seven days of this concentrate. Another great product!

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