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UFO 2 Pearl Pink

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Make every day a perfect skin day with the app-connected Foreo UFO 2 Pearl Pink. This innovative facial massager utilises Foreo’s signature T-sonic pulsations along with heating, cooling and LED technology to help soothe, repair and smooth skin.

To use the device, first download the FOREO For You app, select a UFO-activated face mask and start the treatment on the app.

When prompted by the app, apply the UFO 2 to the face in a gentle, circular motion. The device will turn off after 90 seconds, at which point the face mask can be thrown away and the UFO 2 can be rinsed clean with running water.

Key Benefits

  • :
  • App-connected facial massager to be used with face masks
  • Heating and cooling functions target specific skincare needs
  • Features eight LED lights that work to boost skin health
  • Highly portable and easy to clean
  • Enhanced with T-sonic pulsations

SKU# UK200027925

  • • Download FOREO For You app and connect your UFO 2 device.
  • • Secure the mask of your choice with the attachment ring provided.
  • • Start the treatment within the app.
  • • Gently glide UFO 2 in circular motions until the device turns off.
  • • Dispose of the mask and rinse UFO under running water.
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    FOREO 的一系列设备将彻底改变您的美容养生法。T-Sonic 技术与柔软的硅胶刷毛相结合,每款产品都能在深层净化的同时提供额外的抗衰老作用。


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    Summary of Customer Ratings & Reviews


    Reviews: 1

    四月 29 2023

    UFO2- love love love

    I absolutely love my UFO2. I started w the UFO2 mini, but weirdly had issues with two of them (first what seemed like a problem w holding charge, and then what seemed like an issue w the heating element)- ultimately upgraded to the UFO2, and let me tell you: start w this one! Thankfully this one had no issues, but there’s always a chance a device malfunctions and FOREO provide great customer service, so that’s a not why I’m saying to just go for the UFO; the reason you should get the UFO, not the mini, is because the cold function is *amazing*!! I originally got the mini because I didn’t think much of it, and why not save some $$, after all- it’s the heat and vibrations that help get the product to sink in to your skin, and that’s totally true- but finishing w cold is a total game changer! It closes up those pores again and gets you *the* softest, silkiest skin you have ever felt. The whole experience is amazing and luxe either way- but the cold just takes it up another notch, and leaves your skin amazingly supple and soft.


    Location: Athens, Greece

    Reviews: 1

    Gender: Female

    四月 23 2023

    Getting a facial at home? Oh, yass!

    I have the UFO 2 for about a month now, and I can positively declare that I am so pleased with it! The device connects very smoothly with the Foreo app - it is also possible to operate it offline, which is a huge plus - and It has a ton of features (I'm still exploring it!). You can even create customized treatments apart from the specialized ones provided for each of the Foreo masks. I feel I really treat myself every time I'm using it - and it leaves my skin glowy and smooth! Highly recommended!! p.s.: the black color suits the device so well!

    BeautyTies Blog

    Location: Fife

    Reviews: 1

    Gender: Female

    Recommends this product: Yes

    三月 30 2023

    Best Facemask Ever!

    I’ve need a pamper session for ages and my husband gifted me this UFO 2. I’ve wanted this for years! It has actually surpassed my expectations that were high. I suggest downloading the Foreo app on your mobile first. Simply scan the barcode of the UFO and it downloads it to your mobile. From here, you can scan the barcode on the facemask onto your mobile. Simply choose the mask and it has the routine already on your mobile. Tap select and massage the ufo as it changes colour and setting from warm to cool. Voilá! A pamper session whenever you feel like it. My skin is more hydrated, pore have shrunk and I can’t live without this in my life. Best gift ever!


    Location: Tennessee

    Reviews: 1

    Gender: Female

    Recommends this product: Yes

    三月 29 2023

    Works Great!

    I purchased the UFO 2 to pair with my Foreo Bear. I love both products equally but love that they work together to pamper my skin. You do have to use them daily or every other day to start seeing results. For me, it has been worth it. My skin is gradually looking better and better. Recommend.


    Location: Ohio

    Reviews: 1

    Gender: Female

    三月 25 2023

    I prefer my UFO mini better

    I have both UFO mini and UFO 2 and I do prefer the UFO mini better although it doesn't have cold feature. UFO 2 is heavier and bigger which make my hand feel uncomfortable when holding it. It also connects to the phone slower my UFO mini. And I don't know if my UFO 2 function well or not but it does show error most of the time such as it keeps vibrating when I turn it on and it never lets me connect to the mask until I have to press the reset button over and over again. I don't like it in general.

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