Born of the belief that skincare is an act of self-connection, REOME

Born of the belief that skincare is an act of self-connection, REOME by Joanna Ellner presents clinically refined formulas with bio-fermented and biotech ingredients with a singular intention – to undo the impact of chronic, long-term stress, and restore skin equilibrium. The skincare brand is all about restoring skin health and radiance through slow rituals.

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1 个结果
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About The Brand


Founded in 2020 by board-certified acupuncturist and former award-winning beauty journalist Joanna Ellner, REOME is the result of the founder’s experience in beauty and acupuncture. Ellner is a lifelong skincare enthusiast, who spent 15 years as a multi award-winning beauty journalist and consultant, before fulfilling a long held ambition to study for a degree in Chinese Medicine in 2016. She sees skincare as an act of self-connection and grounding practice. She is now a board-certified acupuncturist with a residency at 180 Health Club and has a keen grasp of the ever-shifting relationship we have with our own skin. REOME takes a more holistic approach to beauty, making skincare a daily ritual.


Who is it For


REOME is for those who want to have a more holistic approach to skincare, with products made to restore the skin from the daily effects of stress.


Why SpaceNK Loves


We love that REOME combines Ellner’s passion for skincare and holistic health, creating a new approach to skincare. The Active Recovery Broth is a daily serum powered by 16 clinically that works to undo the effects of long-term stress on skin, hydrate and repair. It’s the ideal serum for those with a busy schedule who want to step up their beauty rituals.