Eye Makeup To Suit Your Eye Shape

We all have our tried and tested methods of applying eye makeup, but have you ever thought to adapt that method based on the shape of your eyes? It might seem wild, but the tips below will help you to liven up your eye makeup game.

Looks First

If you have hooded eyes, make sure to invest in a great eye primer and choose a waterproof mascara because makeup on hooded eyes is far more likely to smear and smudge. A classic cat eye will make eyes seem bigger, and a matte shadow will be sure to get your sparkling eyes noticed by everyone.

If you have round eyes, it’s important to highlight the corners of your eyelids with a lighter shade of eyeshadow after applying a darker shade in the centre of the lid. This brings the focus back to the middle of the eye to make them look larger and more striking.

Those with almond eyes are in luck, as pretty much any makeup look will suit this type of eye shape. You can either create a dramatic look with dark, smoky makeup and heavy eyeliner or a much subtler one with light shimmery eyeshadow and a swipe of mascara for an everyday look.

Make Your Drama

Eyes without a crease, or monolids, look incredible with a large and dramatic cat eye coupled with luscious long lashes. With only a few well-chosen products, you can add a touch of drama to your makeup and completely transform your look.